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Climbing in Krabi

Last year when I wrote my bucket list on a flight from Nicaragua to Germany I decided that I have to climb the limestone walls in Krabi. Back then I didn’t know that a year later I would be living in Thailand. Couple of weeks ago I finished my job in Bangkok and set out to travel around South East Asia and one of my first destinations was my personal paradise Ton Sai Beach right next to Railay Beach.

View from Ton Sai Beach

From May to August it’s rainy season in Thailand and this means that most days are wet. The mornings and later afternoons though should be fine and there shouldn’t be too much rain, this gives you enough time to climb one or two routes.

Climbing in Krabi

If you are an absolute beginner like I am then you might want to go with a group. I went with the company at YaYa Bar in Railay East. It’s a little private company, which serves a max of 15 people at one go. To get there simply go to Railay East and walk towards “The Last Bar” you will see a sign pointing inlands to YaYa Bar, which is located right next to Railay Princess Budget which formally was called Yaya Resort.

They offer full day and half-day tours. Full day tour costs 1500 Baht and half day costs 800 baht. If you decide to do only half day go for the second half that is offered at 2 PM. Here you go to the beach at railay east where you will do two sets and round the day off with a hike to a cave where you will abseil yourself from 20 meters.

Railay Beach and Ton Sai Beach

From the cave you have an amazing view over Railay West and Ton Sai Beach. Make sure you take your camera with you!

Railay Beach

Climbing in Krabi

Have you been or would you go climbing in Krabi? I look forward to read your opinion in the comments below!

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12 comments on “Climbing in Krabi

  1. Lawrence Michaels on

    Wow that’s awesome. You are a braver man then I am for climbing those, I’m not a fan of high places. Great photo opportunities from up that high.

  2. Megan on

    i remember seeing this place and the climbers when in railay. apparently i opted for the near death DIY experience. parts of my body still regret that.

  3. Monica on

    Brilliant pictures! I went rock climbing in Krabi too and had a great time. I couldn’t believe how difficult it was, such hard work, but well worth it when you get to the top for views like that!

  4. Susan on

    I didn’t go and I regret it! I climbed all the time in the states, and I had to think hard about whether it would be worth it to schlepp all my climbing gear to Thailand, with all the great climbing available. I didn’t bring it, and I’ve barely climbed at all since, given my ability to hem and haw over paying to rent equipment I own and paying for a belayer I don’t need (I’ve got a partner!). Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Everyone who can should climb in Krabi!