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You must have heard expressions like “back to the roots” or “There is no place like home” a thousand times and to be honest there is a lot of trough behind those sentences.

When I travel I want to travel forever. But every adventure ends at some point. And therefore I often look forward to come home again. Over the years, I learned to appreciate home.

Usually, home has no physical address for me. But this home I’m talking right now needs a physical address. It’s the place where you feel most comfortable after days, weeks or months on the road.

I always enjoy coming home after a trip, no matter how long my trip was and no matter how long I’m going to stay. Sometimes one night is enough!

Sleep in your own bed again

To be able to sleep in my bed is one of the best things about coming home again. I have slept in comfy 5 star hotel beds that were super comfy and in dirty hostel beds that almost killed me… It doesn’t matter where I am, after a longer trip I always look forward to just let myself fall into my own bed, the bed where my posture is already dented into the mattress., where it just feels right and I don’t have to adjust my posture to sleep comfortable… I love sleeping in my own bed!

No more living out of a backpack

I love backpacking but after a few weeks I get really annoyed of packing and unpacking every time I want something out of my backpack! I already found a good solution by choosing an awesome backpack with many pockets, however I don’t think there is a perfect solution. The things I need are always at the bottom of everything. At home, I have a wardrobe where everything is sorted, no need to go through other things and create chaos… I really enjoy this for a few days when I come home!

You don’t pay for every meal and sleep (sort of)

You actually do, but it just doesn’t feel like you are paying for everything as you are consuming it… Sometimes I get crazy by the amount I spend every day traveling. At home I spend exactly the same if not more but it just doesn’t feel like I’m spending it on the spot, which sometimes feels nice as well…

Hot shower and fresh clothes

Be honest with yourself, how many times have you worn your favorite shirt on your travels without cleaning it because there was no Laundromat nearby? I’m guilty of such! It’s nice to come home, have the luxury of a hot shower and fresh clothes!

A lot of time to reflect and collect your thoughts about you travels

As a travel blogger this is very important. It is hard to have the self-discipline to get up early when you are in paradise traveling and do some work. Needless to say, it has to be done. However, the extensive work that needs a lot of time and concentration I do when I’m back home. I love to come home, sit down with a cup of coffee in the morning and reflect the things I did on my travels. The inspire me to write articles like this one and many others…

Meet the people again that make home special

It’s great to travel and meet people everyday. But it’s also great to come home and to not answer the question “Where are you from and what do you do?” every day. The people at home know you and sometimes they don’t even need words to let you know how much they appreciate your company. I love coming home knowing that my friends are only a few stops with public transportation away…

And if you have a dog, the best part coming home is the unconditional love of your dog that missed you no matter if you were gone for a few days, a few weeks or a few months. Your dog will always miss you and greet you with a wagging tail.

You have time to plan the next adventure

Once boredom gets you, you have plenty of time to plan your next adventure. The pre-trip phase is a super exciting time. I love to research a trip on other travel blogs and check out all the things to do in an area. Often I already know the next destination when I arrive back home because a fellow traveler told me about it…

I often simply write everything on my adventure bucket list, I will probably never finish it though since I keep adding things to it all the time!

Anyways, being back home is a great time to start reading and planning your next adventure.

It isn’t too bad coming home after all…

I do travel full time, it’s sort of my job as a full time travel blogger and marketer. But I also enjoy coming back home to Berlin every now and then to do the same things, go to the same places, not getting lost and meet my friends and eat at my favorite restaurants.

What do you look forward to when you come home after a trip?

Sebastian Canaves
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