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Coupon code AirBnB 2015: How to get a 22 Euro voucher for your next trip!

A hotel is often too anonymous, hostels too crowded and crashing on friends’ fouton is also not really fun any more. So why not stay in a great apartment in a foreign city? This often is not only cheaper than a hotel, but you could be staying right in the in-places and live like a local!

For some time now AirBnB, the leading site and most likely inventors of the sharing economy, has been offering 22 Euro gift coupons for new members. All you have to do is follow this link and create a profile. If you then book a stay, be it an entire apartment or just a single room, worth more than 50 Euros you can use the voucher – pretty cool, isn’t it?

Register with AirBnB and secure your 22 Euro gift coupon!

Tip: If you already have an account. Don’t worry! Simply register a new AirBnB account with a new e-Mail address through this link! 

Not convinced by AirBnB yet?

I am a great fan of AirBnB and have rented apartments or rooms in more than 10 countries through AirBnB, I have been able to make use of several coupons.

Sometimes I even open a new account for every booking to collect more discounts and vouchers. Most people renting will not pay much attention to your profile as a tennant and don’t check how many reviews you have because their apartments are insured for several hundreds of thousands of Euros through AirBnB.

AirBnBs I have stayed at:

Here is a small selection of accomodations that Line and I have booked on our last travels and that we will be going to:

Beautiful villa in Canggu, Bali:

A few days ago Line and I were on Bali with some friends and the four of us rented this stunning and in my opinion virtually perfect villa together. It has three bedrooms each with their own bathroom and outdoor shower (we are two couples so we only used two of the rooms), a small garden with a fairly big pool, an open kitchen with living room and another chill area in the garden with comfy bean bag chairs and an extra toilet for guests.

The villa is only 5 minutes away with a scooter from Canggu’s Batu Bolong Beach and only 2 minutes from the best restaurants and cafes like Deus, Betelnut, Crate Cafe and Avocado Cafe. And the famous Echo Beach is only a 7 minute scooter ride away.

We paid 1,100 Euros for 2 weeks in the villa, if you were to divide that by 6 (e.g. 3 couples) then it would be 180 Euros per person for 2 weeks in paradise! Awesome!

Edi, the villa’s manager is super cool and he can get you a scooter for 50,000 Rupiah (around 3 Euros) a day if you like, this way you are flexible and can get to know the area or even the entire island a lot better. We for example drove to Ubud with the scooters one day. There also is a cleaning lady that comes in every day and twice a week somebody comes to clean the pool. All this is included in the price, naturally.

Simple apartment in Chiang Mai:

It doesn’t always have to be a luxurious villa like on Bali. Last year Line and I spent some time in Chiang Mai in the North of Thailand in this cozy apartment in the cool Nimman area. The aparment was brandnew, we were the first guests!

The whole condo complex was super clean and the interiors were pretty cool, it even had a pool and was right by the hip Nimman road in Chiang Mai. We paid 35 Euros a night and were even picked up from the airport and had our own washing mashine.

Centrally located apartment in Hong Kong:

Last year Line and I also were in Hong Kong for a few days where we are again right now and from where I am writing this article. Unfortunately, the apartment we rented last time was not free this time around but we got a cool little studio, as is typical for Hong Kong, in the popular Soho neighborhood. But I feel a bit like a little mouse trapped in a shoe box here!

But I recommend the apartment we had the last time all the more. It is not quite as small, has a separate bedroom, super fast internet connection and is also only a few minutes away from Soho’s center, in the mid-levels. It costs almost 100 Euros a night, but this is pretty much the norm for this location in Hong Kong.

Cool studio in Johannesburg:

In a few weeks we will be leaving Southeast Asia again and will spend the winter in South Africa. First we go to Johannesburg for a week where we rented a really cool studio in trendy Maboneng, in the heart of Johannesburg. We pay 276 Euros for a week, the studio has a comfy bed, a small sofa area and a little desk, all in retro style.

Chic apartment in Kapstadt:

After Johannesburg we go on to Cape Town, where we got a really chic apartment in the alternative Woodstock neighborhood for the beginning, it costs 34 Euros a night. Normally it should cost 62 but since we are staying for 2,5 weeks the owner gave us a great discount!

The apartment is very big and flooded with light, it is super chic with minimalist interiors – just the way we like it – and it has a huge table, separate bedroom, a modern bath and even a balcony with view of the sea!

AirBnB is a great alternative to hostels and hotels!
As you see, AirBnB really is great and a viable alternative for longer stays! You should follow this link and create an account with AirBnB to secure your 22 Euro voucher for your next trip. It is important that your first booking is for more than 50 Euros or you will not be able to cash the voucher “Coupon Code AirBnB 2015“. So enjoy your next AirBnB apartment!

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