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Cuanto Cuesta?

Money, Euro, Cordobas, Dollar, DirhanWhen traveling it is important to know what is expecting you financially. There is nothing more frustrating than getting into a new city and not being able to afford anything.

Many Europeans go to Australia after they graduate from school or uni and find themselves in Sydney again and struggle to afford their lifestyle. Cost of living in Sydney is nearly 40 % higher than in Berlin.

Do you know how expensive the next city/country is compared to where you are now?

Are you moving away soon and would like to know what the cost of living is at your new home?

Check Expatistan to check prices online. It helps you to get an idea of how expensive or cheap life will be abroad.


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2 comments on “Cuanto Cuesta?

  1. The Travel Chica on

    I was shocked by the prices in Buenos Aires. I knew they would be higher, but the cost of food (both purchasing at the market and in restaurants). I have still been able to mostly stick within my travel budget here, but it has been hard to say no to the constant requests to go out to dinner or out for drinks in such an exciting city.

    • seba on

      I can imagine Stephanie, I wish this site existed in 2008 when I moved to Australia. Even though the Dollar was very weak compared to the Euro (back then 1 $ = 0,48 €, Today 1 $ = 0,73) I had troubles financing everything at the beginning. If I would have known I would have saved more money!!