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Dear Airlines…

Last week I found an interesting article at called “In-flight wish list: How would you make air travel fun?”

They published a list with wishes which could make flying more entertaining.

1. Massage/manicure/pedicure/spa services. After that tantrum at check in because your bag was 0.3 kilos overweight and therefore US$100 more expensive, you need to be kneaded. A little room with soft lighting, incense, whale music and pretty people in white coats whispering, “Is the pressure ok?” will do just the trick, thanks.

2. Children’s cabin. We heard the movie “Snakes on a Plane” was originally going to be “Kids on a Plane” but that was deemed too terrifying. Stick the little ones in a sound-proof room with plastic balls, slides and perhaps even a few seats they can kick in the back. Problem solved.

3. Boot the beverage cart. As if the threat of deep-vein thrombosis wasn’t enough, airlines also insist on knee-capping us twice a flight with the drinks trolley and forcing those trying to get to the toilet to detour up into First Class and down the other side. Get rid. If people want a drink they’ll ask for it.

4. Singles’ seats. Every singleton flying hopes against hope they’ll be sat next to their dream date who’ll be hoping the same thing. Give those an option for a ‘singles seat,’ located next to other ‘singles seats’ for a chance of love in the air.

5. Free Wi-Fi. If Singapore Airlines can introduce in-flight Internet, why can’t everyone?

6. Allow movies to finish. Anyone who started “The Sixth Sense” within an hour of landing just thinks it’s a slightly stupid movie about a kid who sees ghosts. If there are 30 minutes to landing and another 15 minutes of taxiing, then there’s time for the movie to end.

7. Wet room. Bath tubs, showers, Jacuzzis … nothing passes time better than a bit of a splash around.

8. Proper child facilities. Decent diaper-changing options, proper kiddie cots and baby minders in the cabin crew might help stop all the screaming and crying. And that’s just the parents.

9. Decline the recline. As if being stuck in the middle seat on a 12-hour flight between two fleshy strangers wasn’t bad enough, the guy in front then decides to put his head in your lap. One or two inches is plenty enough pushback.

10. Viewing section. Air travel provides some of the most amazing views of the earth we’ll ever see. Why not make an entire section of the plane transparent to make the most of the opportunity?


What would you wish for????


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7 comments on “Dear Airlines…

  1. The Travel Chica on

    I would wish for a seat divider higher than the armrest. I paid for my seat, and that space extends all the way to the top of the plane. Get your elbows and/ or extra fat rolls out of my space.

    • seba on

      True, It’s so annoying to sit next to such people! And a little bit more space between the seats, I hate it when the seat in front of me leans back while having dinner, you have no space to do eat or do anything else…

  2. jade on

    I realize I am asking for a complete redesign of the aircraft, but why not just make the seats a little bigger from the get go. I know that would mean less people aboard each flight, but more people would be happier!

    • seba on

      That would be a good idea. My knees always hurt after long haul flights because there is not enough space for me and I hate to share my seat with the elbows of others…

  3. Sherry on

    Totally agreed on #2! Plus it sounds like a fun place for the kids.

    But, #3 not so much in agreement. For me, I want everything I can get for free with my ticket, even if I don’t use, eat, or drink it. So I think most people will want drinks. It would be more difficult to service most people without the carts. And to the people who have to use the bathroom when they’re pushing those heavy carts – ridiculous!

    What I wish is for the airlines to truly enforce the hand carry size restriction. I mean, people are hauling duffel bags bigger than me on the planes and I’m always running out of room for my small (properly sized) hand carry. When I do find a spot for it, it still often gets crushed by the other big bags. Its a no win situation. So better yet, get rid of the baggage fees so people wouldn’t have to haul such big hand carry items.

  4. Andresa on

    Hi there,

    This is an amazing list! I especially love 2, 5 and 7. It’s really a great idea for a single traveler to be seated to another single traveler. hmmmm.. as you’ve said love would be in the air! hahahaha


    • seba on

      I think this would make flying a little bit more entertaining. I’m always the lucky one who sits next to people who are too lazy to talk to others… I often then just sit there for hours without talking to anybody… so boring!