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Emirates Airways review: 10 reasons why Emirates is my favorite airline!
I’ve already been on airplanes a lot in my life with a ton of various airlines on many different routes. My longest flight to date was from Sydney to Abu Dhabi and took a whopping 15 hours in total! While my shortest lasted less than five minutes before I was booted out the door of the plane when skydiving over the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown – easily one of the craziest adventures of my life! An airline that I’ve been a customer of again and again in recent years is Emirates. Although I’m not a big fan of constantly comparing stuff, I do compare airlines. I’ve found I’ve been comparing them considerably more these days. And I don’t only compare the service and the food, because, as so often in life, it’s the other little things that make a difference. For me, Emirates is now my favorite airline. When I’m looking to go on a new adventure, I always watch to see if Emirates happens to be flying my route. I’ll tell you why I’m so excited about Emirates, and why it shows in my review, with my top 10 reasons! [Headline main = “Fly without fear”]

Emirates Airways review: 10 reasons why Emirates is my favorite airline!

1. Good flight times

For flights to Asia, Australia, or New Zealand, the location of Dubai is perfect! Emirates’s hub is located there, and so it’s halfway between Germany and Asia for example. Because of this, you’ll be able to take one really long flight (from Germany to Australia, for example) and split it in to two: one from Germany to Dubai and one from Dubai to your final destination! For example, if you were travelling from Frankfurt to Bali you’d be on a plane for a total of 17 hours. That’s a lot of sitting! But if you stopover in Dubai, you’d only fly for 6.5 hours, take a break, and then fly the remaining 9 hours to Bali. The same thing goes for a destination like Malaysia which takes a total of 16 hours. The stopover in Dubai doesn’t usually last more than two hours, so you don’t necessarily have to wait that long. If you do decide to turn your stopover in to a slightly longer trip, and have an extra little adventure, check out our blog post about cool things to do at Dubai International airport!

2. Desert adventures for a stopover

Here’s something even better. Instead of spending time at the airport (though it is pretty awesome), extend your stay a couple days and get ready for a brilliant trip in to the desert! You can do the coolest things in Dubai’s desert – some of the best attractions are out there. You could spend one or two nights with the Bedouin, go on a camel trek, or drive on sand dunes in a jeep – so much fun! It’s never a bad idea to throw a few adventures between two long flights, so you add some cool places to your list of travels. Plus, if you split it up, the arrivals won’t feel so taxing on your body, because you won’t experience as much jetlag.

3. The largest and most modern entertainment systems!

I hardly know any other airlines that have an entertainment system as good, or as extensive, as Emirates. They have a huge selection of movies, from latest releases to classics, and often have the latest episodes of popular TV series. When you fly in an Emirates A380, the entertainment system is super modern. The screen you get is much larger than most other airlines and instead of those crappy little boxes that other airlines call “remotes”, you’ll have the luxury of using touch screens!

4. Most A380 airplanes!

Speaking of A380s, did you know that Emirates Airways has the most A380 aircrafts in the world? Their fleet houses a total of 76 A380 airplanes, and man I love to fly in giant A380s. They have so much more space than other aircrafts, like a 737, and the flight is also much quieter. You don’t feel much turbulence, and takeoffs and landings feel like a dream come true – they’re so soft! Even better: Should you ever get lucky enough to fly business class, the Emirates A380s are equipped with a chill area on the second floor that houses a bar and comfy sofas – so let’s fly!

5. Delicious food

I’m not really a fan of airplane food, but who is? Usually I get something to eat before a long flight, and then a quick snack right before I get on the plane. That way I can sit through hours of flying without having to eat but then have food when I land. Nevertheless, the food on all Emirates flights actually tastes pretty good! The Asian dishes, and desserts, are often the most delicious. But the best part? They serve croissants for breakfast that taste like a dream! They’re nice and fluffy and don’t taste like cardboard. I usually get second helpings of these when they still have some left, they’re that good!

6. Larger servings

I always eat a lot due to my size. Really small servings on most airlines rarely fill me up. With Emirates, though, it’s totally different. In addition to a main course, which is already bigger in my opinion, they usually offer salads, sandwiches, crackers, cheese, butter and cream cheese, and nice large helpings of dessert. I usually get that second piece of bread!

7. Really good service

This is the next great thing about Emirates: the service is fantastic! If you ask for a second croissant or some extra bread, you can get whatever they have left without any issues. On many other airlines I don’t dare ask for more. I always get a funny or annoyed look. The flight attendants at Emirates Airways are really nice and genuine, and they never feel fake or like they’re just “there for a paycheck”. Additionally, the stewards and stewardesses regularly go down the aisles and booths to distribute drinks! Many other airlines don’t do this and you always have to track someone down to ask.

8. Clean toilets

Yes, I have to bring this point up. At Emirates Airways the toilets are almost always clean. I’ve seen flights, such as South African Airlines from Abu Dhabi to Johannesburg, where I just didn’t go to the bathroom because the bathrooms were so dirty. It wasn’t just the toilets either! The aisles of the plane were gross too. On all the flights I’ve taken with Emirates, the toilets and the rest of the plane were always clean. No paper lying on the floor, no drink cups and cans in the aisles, and no disgusting toilet bowls! Unlike those other airlines, I get the feeling the flight attendants on Emirates are more diligent about frequently checking how clean the bathrooms are.

9. Earn miles fast with Skywards

Emirates has its own reward system where you collect miles on every flight, and enjoy the benefits relatively quickly. The application for the reward system takes less than five minutes and if you sign up on your first flight, you’ll automatically earn 2500 additional miles! At 25,000 miles you reach Silver status and get, for example, business lounge access in Dubai. At 50,000 miles you get to the Gold Member level and you’ll be allowed to use almost all of the Emirates Lounges! The best thing is you can also use and gather miles on other flights that Emirates is partnered with. These include Virgin America, Jetstar, Qantas, and Korean Air Miles. I’m not sure if it’s still the same today, but I was a Skyward member with Emirates Airways pretty soon after signing up for their air miles system, and got a flight upgraded to Business Class! And let me tell you, flying business class is so great! The only downside, though, is if you ever do fly Business Class you’ll never want to fly Economy again!

10. Best of all: There’s ice cream!

Emirates has ice cream! I don’t know of any other airline that does this–how cool is that? On our flight from Madrid to Dubai, Line was even more excited than I was that Emirates had ice cream. Since then she has fallen for the airline, and, of course, the ice cream was delicious!

My Emirates Review: This airline is simply amazing!

As you can see, there’s really plenty of reasons why Emirates Airways is my favorite airline and why my review is so positive. The flights aren’t that much more expensive than other airlines, and you start your adventure so relaxed, full of food (and ice cream), and with amazing hospitality. [su_box title=”Book Emirates flight now!” style=”soft” box_color=”#ffb514″]Book your flight through our link to help for the work we do! [/su_box] How would you rate your experience with Emirates? Share which airline is your absolute favorite in the comments!
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