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Finnish Lapland is home to not only Santa Claus but also to some incredible landscapes and plenty of adventurous things to do.

For almost six months I organized with my agency Transit Media the biggest bloggers program in northern Europe called Northern Bloggers Experience. Together with the Finnish travel fair MATKA and the cooperation of many partners like visitFinland and visitHelsinki we’ve invited over 42 international bloggers to Finland. I had the pleasure to take care of the group to Rovaniemi. #winning 🙂

Snowmobiling in Rovaniemi

What is there better to do on an ice-cold day than driving on a snowmobile with plenty of horsepower on a frozen river? We had the opportunity to go on a half-day tour with Julian from Lapland Safaris. Julian was an incredible guide, super friendly and very switched on. He is originally from Spain but fell in love with a girl and the country years ago and stayed. I love those kind of stories!

From the city we went upwards the river and left the frozen riverbed about 30 minutes north from Rovaniemi where we entered the forest and continued our journey between the trees. Now we were passing one incredible scene after another. At -30 degrees Celsius my hands were falling of while trying to capture every moment with very thin gloves. Unfortunately for my hands, I couldn’t take pictures with the thick gloves provided by Lapland safaris. I guess the usual guest, isn’t as crazy as these bloggers 🙂

The great thing during winter in Rovaniemi is that the sun rises really late and sets very early. We left at about 10 A.M. and the sun was just about to rise and returned around 1.30 – 2 PM when the sun was setting. Which means that you have incredible light all the time!

Husky Safari in Rovaniemi

Followed by the adrenaline from the snowmobiling we arrived at a little camp in the middle of the woods. From a distance we smelled the dogs, 300 hundred of them in total, a few hundred Siberian huskies and a few Alaskan huskies. Each of them playful and beautiful, in a group though loud and smelly!

Robin and I teamed up that day. We are two big German guys. On the snowmobile that was no problem and actually handy, because we both like speed, on the sledge though it wasn’t so clever. 6 huskies managed to pull us but were struggling already after a few minutes and couldn’t do it up the hill. I actually had to push the sledge a lot but this is all part of the fun and makes the whole experience even better and more intensive.

Check out this video by Robin from our adventure with the huskies 🙂

Ho, Ho, Ho… Feeling like a kid again while meeting Santa Claus!

After this eventful day, Santa Claus was waiting for us to check if we were nice kids. Luckily, Christmas was almost three weeks ago and it wasn’t too crowded, a few families here and there but no queue to wait for hours as it is before and during Christmas. We were able to walk directly into Santa’s little office and talk to him.

All of a sudden I felt a little nervous of this guy in red, he was just sitting there and chatting to us in Spanish, German, French and Finnish. After a few jokes, he thought me a few Finnish words and we happily went home for dinner. Great guy!

What I love about Rovaniemi is this magical spirit that lies in the air. The official slogan of the tourism office is “The Official Hometown Of Santa Claus” and it seems like that everybody lives by it. Christmas is much more than just a holiday in Rovaniemi, its part of everyday life and everybody, event the nature is part of the cast!

Have you ever been to Rovaniemi or Finnish Lapland? Isn’t it just magical? Let’s talk in the comments!

Sebastian Canaves
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