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Get Around In Bangkok – A Transportation Guide

Bangkok is a huge city and it is can be a little confusing before you get there to figure out how to get to your next destination. This guide will help you to figure out how to get around in Bangkok easily.

Airport City Link

When you arrive in Bangkok at the Suvarnabhumi international Airport you have the option to take the Airport City Link that connects you with the city within 15 to 30 minutes depending on which train you take. The Express Service takes you to Makkasan,  from where you can switch to the MRT line, in 15 minutes and the regular train in 30. The Express Service costs 150 THB and the normal service 45 Baht.


Bangkok is a taxi city which can be compared to New York. A Bangkokian normally drives around with his car anywhere he goes. It is annoying cause the traffic moves very slowly most time of the day. Anyways, taxi is the most comfortable way to get around. Prices start at 30 baht and then cost you a couple of baht every hundred meters. For a distance of 10 kilometers you usually pay around 70 Baht.

If you arrive at the Suvarnabhumi International Airport DON’T go to the taxi stand downstairs. Go to the Departure Area, which is located on the third floor, and take a taxi from there. This way you save 50 Baht Airport fee. The taxi ride from the Airport to the city costs around 200 Baht.


The Bangkok Transit System has been in service since a couple of years. It is incredible that a city like Bangkok only has a Mass Transport system since 13 years. The BTS connects you easily with most places of interest in the city. The fares depend on the distance you are driving and vary between 15 to 40 baht one way. They have daily tickets, three day tickets and monthly subscriptions. If you stay longer than three days it might be worth to buy a card to top up. This way you only pay what you travel but don’t need to cue up for buying tickets once you have topped up your card with a desired amount.



Also like the BTS the Mass Rail Transportation System is operating since a couple of years. The Metro has one line which connects you from the train station hualomphong to Bang Sue. Connecting you to places like the Chatuchak Market in the north of the city.

Motorbike Taxi

During rush hour the bike taxis are a great alternative for a short distance ride since they get through between the cars. They are cheap and quick and adventurous. Just be careful with your knees since the drivers drive between the cars it happens that your knees will touch a standing car…


Tuk Tuk

Tuk Tuks are there mostly for tourists or farmers who transport their good from to a market. They have no meter and you have to make a deal with the driver. They will mostly overcharge you. If they offer you a very cheap day tour they will probably take you from one shop to another where they get a commission for each person they bring!


Buses in Bangkok are very unreliable and have no timetable. If you haven’t spent a long time in the city you probably won’t understand which bus goes where and when. As a visitor it is safer to stick to the transportation methods mentioned above.

Did you find this guide helpful? Would love to hear your opinion in the comments below.

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