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Happy New Year, Istanbul.

The same decoration installed in Germany for Christmas, is set up in young and modern Turkey at the turn of the year. As I was told by my reliable source from the soup shop around the corner and as you can obviously see in the city, the arrival of Noel Baba at New Year’s Eve is celebrated with New Year’s Trees, fancy lightning, etc. for some 30 years. For this occasion, the all-year lightning on Istiklal Street is not only equipped with new, working lights but a complete new design, as well. The Turkish Christmas Show of the recent weeks is just about to reach its climax.

As every year, you face some discussions with your friends on what to do and where to celebrate New Year’s Eve. Our Turkish friends invited us to join their or recommended us to go to any other private parties to avoid going around the Istiklal Street and the Partyzone Asmalı Mescit in Beyoglu. Especially as a female, you shouldn’t go there that night. If you want to welcome the New Year in a fancy nightclub, there are plenty decent and good ones at the Bosporus bank or the Rooftops. To make sure you chose a nice party, get tickets in advance and don’t pay more than 150TL.

This is year, I was popping bottles with German, Turkish and international friends on a boat at the Bosporus. You can find all kinds of boat parties to join on facebook or event agencies. Properly fueled (both Gasoline and Liquor – I know, bad joke) the boat cruised below the bridges. The view was stunning as ever: two continents with its numerous houses, bigger houses and mosques, bridges and other nicely decorated boats. All had a competition up on who sparkles the most. The boat got shaking by the Turkish music by Tarkan and Co. and some international beats supported by the light swell. The „Mutlu-Yillar“-partyhats that were covered with an impressing amount of tinsel and glitter and the Santa Claus mask who remind me of Chucky, the Killerdoll, were spread fast among the crowd. The liquor flowed, supported the good mood and provided a warm feeling in the cool night on the water.

05_Happy New Year

3, 2, 1: Mutlu Yillar! The firework – or rather say the 7 rockets and firecrackers – was way less than expected and the firework at the Turkish Independence Day in the end of October. Turks do set priorities in this regard 🙂

Well, even in one of the world’s most inspiring city, the New Year starts with a headage, collywobbles caused by enjoying liquors – a little by the swell – and the resolution: This year, I am not drinking any alcohol. 🙂

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