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The best health insurance for traveling
Which insurance have you chosen for your travels? Do you have an insurance at all or do you trust in the fact that nothing will happen? Or do you maybe only count on the insurance that automatically comes with your credit card? The right insurance is such an important topic that comes along with traveling and you shouldn’t take this too lightly! Since I have been a victim of some very terrible accidents abroad and thereby gained very good experiences with insurances I hope to help you along a little bit with this article! You can read my very personal story here, but let me tell you quickly what happened and why a good health insurance is so important!

Why a health insurance for traveling is important!

In 2008 someone dropped knockout drops in my drink at a beer garden in Sydney. Later that night I got attacked by some unknown guys and hit by a car afterwards. Incredible but true, they just left my lying on the ground and drove away! With my last ounce of strength and a mutilated left side I hopped in a car that took me to the next best hospital, the St. Vincent Hospital in Darlinghurst. After several surgeries during the following nights I found myself with a stabilizing plate in my mutilated wrist a few days after the accident. At night I emailed my mum in Germany from the hospital who got in contact with my insurance. After that for me there was absolutely nothing to worry about anymore. My insurance talked to the hospital, asked for all relevant information about me and the accident and took care of all payments. Every other day someone from the insurance called me to ask how I feel and if there is anything I need. Right after I was released from the hospital I found myself on a plane to Germany. I landed on December 16th in Munich and on the 17th, my birthday, I held a check of several thousand Euros in my hands – a sort of sick payment since I was partly disabled. Now up to you: Are you sure your health insurance would also care about you like this? Probably not. That’s why I’m going to show you two insurances you are perfectly covered with if anything happens during your travels. And as you can see after telling you my story an accident doesn’t have to be caused by you, it can happen every day!

Hanse Merkur travel health insurance

Hanse Merkur to me is one of the best insurances. It was this insurance that took care of me so well when I had this bad accident in Australia. The travel health insurance of Hanse Merkur targets travels up to one year – so it’s just perfect for a trip around the world! It offers worldwide cover except for the US and Canada and costs about 640 € per person for a maximum of 365 days. If you also have the US and Canada on your list that of course is possible as well, the additional insurance cover just costs way more! Here you find more information about Hanse Merkur and this type of insurance.

Hanse Merkur long-term travel health insurance

If you’re planning to be on the road for more than 365 days and don’t know when you’ll be back in your home country the long-term travel health insurance is best for you. Thanks to this insurance you’re covered everywhere in the world! Also with this insurance the prices differ though if you want the US and Canada to be included. Before leaving you need to decide on the time period of the insurance cover, but of course you can extend it during your travels. The maximum time period is 5 years. After that you unfortunately can’t make use of this insurance any more. The longer you take the insurance the more discount you get. So if you’re sure you’re going to be on the road for 3 years take the insurance for that period of time instead of extending it year by year. You just get a better price this way. We also decided for this insurance for the next years of our travels. And the best is, we even got it without being registered in Germany anymore. Hanse Merkur in this special case is the only insurance accepting that. With this insurance you’re even covered in Germany up to 6 weeks and also return transportation back to Germany or alternatively the transport of close relatives or your partner to you, if you’re living abroad, is fully covered. If you’re not a resident in Germany anymore like us or any other country and you don’t have an insurance anymore and prefer to be covered in Germany for more than 6 weeks you can take an additional private insurance. To be on the safe side we did this and took the additional private insurance with Signal Iduna. Here is some helpful information about it. Since we didn’t want to miss the option of going to Canada or the US we decided to go for the worldwide cover including these two countries. This is why it added up to 178 € per month and person. We don’t pay any other insurances per month except for the additional private insurance in Germany though! If you’re sure you’re not visiting the US or Canada the insurance is way cheaper, only 89 € per month per person. Here you find all information about the long-term travel health insurance of Hanse Merkur!

WorldNomads Explorer Plan

For 985 € per year, which makes only 80 € per month, you get the Explorer Plan with WorldNomads, the best full insurance for around the world and long-term trips. An extra plus: not only your body or rather health is covered with this insurance, but also the belongings you carry with you. For example your luggage is covered up to 2.500 € and you receive money from your insurance if your luggage has been demaged by an airline. Additionally, a sort of travel cancellation insurance is included. If you need to cancel flights you’ve already booked before your trip or even are already on the road you get up to 7.000 € back. If you’re traveling to the US and Canada it costs a little more with 1.201 € per 12 months! Here you find all relevant information about the Explorer Plan with WorldNomads!

Result: A good insurance is gold for your travels!

If you think you are save and nothing will happen to you, you’re wrong! Something can happen to you everyday and then you really need an insurance you can totally rely on! The best insurances are definitely WorldNomads and Hanse Merkur! If you wish other valuables to be covered against theft or accidents make sure to check out our article about the best luggage insurance. * Note: If you decide for one of these insurances it would be great if you would book via our website and provided links. If you do so you help us to keep our website free of charge. By booking through us there are of course no extra costs for you!
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