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I’ve spent a few weeks in Scotland the last month and I absolutely love it. I was based most of the time in Stirling right between Edinburgh and Glasgow and visited the cities among other places. Stirling is a nice city with a beautiful old town and right at the border to the highlands.

When walking down the streets I see the beautiful light shining onto the highlands and I’ve asked myself the whole time how it must be up there. Is it like in the movies? Is it rough and peaceful at the same time? I’ve had exactly this imagination of the highlands for years.

My self-catered cottage in the highlands

Then I’ve had the opportunity to spend a night right in the middle of the highlands. I got a car from Skyscanner, they now also offers car rentals (shouldn’t it be called carscanner or rentalscanner now? ) gave me a nice Peugeot and I took my fellow bloggers and friends Dylan and Bjorn on a short road trip up to Blair Athol. It’s about 2 hours ride from Edinburgh but it took us a little longer with a short detour to The Hermitage, a protected site, where we went for a short hike and visited the beautiful Black Linn Falls.

highlands scotland the hermitage highlands scotland the hermitage highlands scotland the hermitage

I managed to get everybody up to our cottage safe and just in time for a beautiful sunset over the valley. It is hard to drive on the “other side” when you are from continental Europe and now have to drive on the left side!

Tranquility and a great dinner

Up there overlooking Blair Athol and the valley, far away from any air pollution in the middle of the highlands I was feeling in harmony. The sun slowly left, making space for a dark night and I loved it and didn’t want to leave.

highlands scotland sunrays valley

Unfortunately we only spent a night up there due to a busy schedule but boy, that night was great. We were hanging out in the big kitchen drinking wine and whiskey while Sibohan was making a delicious dinner. Dylan showed us his piano skills in the living room and I was fighting with the Internet trying to book a flight for almost two hours.

My grandparents did it, my parents do it and I’m doing it…

I’m talking about self-catering. I remember my holidays in Bornholm (Denmark) when I was young and traveling with my grandparents, we rented an apartment on a farm and everyday I went to pick up the fresh eggs and the milk from the farmer and my grandparents made me delicious breakfast.

highlands scotland the hermitage

With my parents we recently rented a whole use on the island of Föhr in northern Germany and relaxed there for a few days. It was in the middle of nowhere and only farm land around us.

I’d love to spend more time in a place like at Tom of Lude in Pitlochry, with self catered places you can really have some affordable holidays and leave all the stress behind. It’s so remote and so beautiful that as a blogger and marketing strategist I could definitely use it as a creative retreat for a week or two.

Have you ever stayed at a self-catered home?

This article is part of the #tasteyeback campaign by embrace scotland. Thanks for all the support!

Sebastian Canaves
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