Hiking to Lake Königssee & Obersee in Southern Germany

Not far from Salzburg, in the Berchtesgadener Land you will find two beautiful mountain lakes located a two hours hike from the city center of the city Berchtesgaden.

It is possible to hike to the lakes all year round but it is recommended to do this on a beautiful and sunny summer day when the water is crystal clear and the fresh water invites you for a swim in this beautiful peace of nature.

To get there simply walk the “Königsseer Fußweg” behind the train station of Berchtesgaden. It will lead you next to the Königgsseer Ache, a river, right to the lake. If you feel to lazy to do this, you can also drive all the way up to the Lake Königssee.

To get to the beautiful Lake Obersee you need to take the boat to Salet-Obersee. From there the trail will lead you right to Lake Obersee. This hike takes between 30 minutes to an hour depending on your speed. This lake is less overcrowded than the Lake Königssee and is flanked by high cliffs on three sides which make it a picturesque landscape. Once there make sure you go the extra mile to the hut Fischunkelalm where they serve you refreshments and some snacks, like fresh milk or self-made sausage salad. A bit further you will also find the Röthbach water fall. The hut is the perfect place for a pick nick and a swim in the cold lake. There is a meadow where you can lay down and relax between the many butterflies while enjoying this amazing view!


Facts about Lake Königssee: 

–       It’s the cleanest and highest lake of Germany (600 meters)

–       The deepest point of the lake is 190 meters deep.

–       The lake is 8 kilometers long.

–       You can cross the lake by foot on very cold winters.


Ever been hiking in the part of the world? Where was your favorite hike? We look forward to your opinion in the comments below!

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