The Best Horseback Riding Experience in West Sweden With Amazing Views Guaranteed

Have you ever dreamed of going horseback riding in the wilderness? Riding past incredible landscapes, large, untouched seas and ending the day at a campfire in front of your own tipi?

In Western Sweden this dream will come true!

Horseback riding and relaxing in Western Sweden with Dalsland’s Aktiviteter

I was in Western Sweden recently to participate the Dalsland Canoe Marathon and also visited Dalsland’s Aktiviteter, one of the biggest outdoor providers in the region. Dalsland’s Aktiviteter is located in Tals Langed, a small village not far from Bengtsfors and about 2 hours to Goteborg by car.

The head of the company, Pontus, took 2 hours of his time for me to go horseback riding in the hinterland. I have not been horseback riding for more than 10 years but felt comfortable with my horse Pluto right from the beginning.

Incredible landscapes in Dalsland

The land around the two big farms that belong to Dalsland’s Aktiviteter is magic and can only be reached afoot or on a horse.

After about an hour’s ride we reached a place I knew from a picture on Dalsland’s Akitviteter’s website. I remember thinking that this must be one of the pictures bought from a picture-database. When we climbed the hill and rode our horses through the forest admiring the view, I thought I could not believe my eyes.

Spend the night in a tipi and go skinny dipping!

After the great horseback ride with Pontus and Pluto, I drove to a little peninsula where I spent the night by my self. This was exactly what you dream of when you think of Sweden. 

On this peninsula there were three tipi, two small ones to sleep and a big one which was something like a living space. There was a huge outdoor kitchen offering two barbecues, a primitive toilet, a large campfire place and an outdoor dining room with the best view I have ever had during eating.

After a long and exhausting day traveling from Berlin to Sweden I had a nice campfire and went swimming in a lake, which I had all for myself. Loved it!

How much does such adventure cost in Sweden?

Certainly, Sweden is not one of the cheapest countries to enjoy the holidays, but I did not consider it as expensive as I thought beforehand. I will write a detailed report on “How much is a trip to Sweden?” but here you have a list of the costs for horseback riding and overnight stay at Dalsland Aktiviteter:

  • 2 hours horseback riding: 500 SEK (about 54 Euros) per person
  • 2 course BBQ inclusive charcoal: 300 SEK (about 32 Euros) per person
  • a night in a tipi: 150 SEK (about 16 Euros) per person and night
  • breakfast: 75 SEK (about 8 Euros) per person
  • sleeping bag rent: 50 SEK (about 5.50 Euros)
Sebastian Canaves
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