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Why a hammock in your hotel room changes everything!

Remember my picture of my hotel room of the Hotel Daniel on instragam last weekend? About a year ago at TBEX Gerona I won a weekend for two in Vienna, so last weekend I finally had time to visit.

The folks in Vienna where so nice and set me up with the urban design hotel, Hotel Daniel, a very stylish and comfortable hotel right next to one of the main attractions/monuments of the city: The residence of belvedere.

Urban Design Hotel Daniel in Vienna

My room was on the sixth floor overlooking the tiny park and looking at the old residence that seemed to be part of the overall image. Compared to other cities, Vienna managed to keep all their old buildings and monuments and incorporate them as part of the overall image of the city. No concrete skyscrapers next to old and historical buildings that make them feel wrong in place. The whole city is incredibly old and incredibly beautiful.

Hotel Daniel Vienna

With the right view you can definitely spend all day in your hotel room. And your hammock!

So there I was in Vienna, in my beautiful room and my hammock. Yes a hammock in the room. After a short night in Berlin on Thursday and an early morning flight to Austria on Friday I decided to chill most of the day and spent it in the hammock overlooking Vienna. What a beautiful and relaxing view. Much better than the one from the Glorietta at the castle of Schönbrunn where I went the next day.

Hotel Daniel Vienna

Beautiful and minimalistic rooms but not suited for friends!

The rooms at Hotel Daniel in Vienna are great, spacious and beautifully designed. I love that the shower is out of glass and you can look into the bedroom. Though these rooms are definitely not made for friends or couples that are together for a short time and don’t know each other too well.

The breakfast is incredible though and sometimes when I’m spending the nights at hotels like this I hate that I am not such a big breakfast person. Cause it was really good, except the coffee. But otherwise, just great!

Ever stayed in a hotel with a hammock in the room? Would you like to stay in such a hotel? Let’s talk and leave your thoughts in the comments below!

 Hotel Daniel Vienna Hotel Daniel Vienna Hotel Daniel Vienna

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