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How to pick the perfect passenger

When travelling solo with an own car the most economic way to travel is to take somebody with you in order to share costs. I once took somebody with me for the sake of saving money. After the experience with that girl I not only look at the money anymore, many other things have to be covered before I take somebody with me. Here are some tips on how to pick your next travel companion:

    1. Does he/she speak your language?

I heard stories of friends who drove with people who didn’t speak their language. If you go on a long journey, it can be pretty boring and stressful if you cannot talk to each other

    1. Can he/she afford the ride

Better check in advance if he/she can pay his/her part of the bill. There is nothing worst than standing at the petrol station and having to pay everything by yourself if you planned to share the costs

    1. Make sure you have the same interests

Ask your future travel companion what his/her interests are, do you have the same hobbies? This makes sure that you have something to talk about where both are interested in.

    1. Are we communicating?

Communication is one of the most difficult things for us humans and so important when being with others. Are you a talkative person? Than make sure that you also find somebody who loves to chat. There is nothing worst when the longest conversation during your 12 hours trip is 30 minutes and you sit in silence for the rest of the time.

    1. Take a friend with you

That is the easiest and most comfortable way of avoiding all the stress from before. You friends normally speak your language, they wouldn’t refuse sharing the costs and as you know them for some time already you know that you have the same interests and that you have enough to talk about!

Did you ever had a bad experience with somebody you were traveling with?

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11 comments on “How to pick the perfect passenger

  1. Miriam on

    I totally agree with you, meeting new people can be fun, but finding the perfect passenger is hard. I love travelling with a good friend, that way you create amazing memories together, have plenty of things to talk about, no awkward situations while travelling 😉 , …

    • seba on

      True. Traveling with friends can be great (it isn’t always). Happiness is the only thing that doubles when you share it!

  2. The Travel Chica on

    I am too picky to have ever gone on a road trip with someone I didn’t already know I was compatible with 🙂

  3. Someday I'll Be There - Mina on

    I love picking up hitch hikers from on the road, had some nic experiences with them, but the worst one was when I was driving 9 hours and I was very sleepy, and picked up a guy hoping we could chat so I;d stay awake.

    we talked for about 20 minutes and then he dozed off! This was hell to me! 😀

  4. Pamela on

    I’m headed through Canada to Alaska in May. My travel companions will be my two dogs and some books on my iPod. A 5,000+ mile road trip would be miserable if a proper travel companion isn’t selected.

  5. Esther on

    How about “Does your travel buddy like a park-eat-drink stop?” Nothing more annoying then when you are ready for a stop and you get a long face.

  6. Armands on

    I think that I couldn’t travel with stranger. I would have to know the person before I offer or accept traveling together.

  7. getpalmd on

    Soon leaving on a road trip with my dog who doesn’t talk a lot, so I figured I might actually pick up some “hitchhikers” if I find any… But no, wouldn’t take anyone if they look suspicious or don’t speak English, but then again you never know what you end up getting so I guess you have to trust your instincts 🙂

  8. George on

    Friends isn’t always a great idea I’ve been on roadtrips that turn friends into enemies. I think with any trip the most important thing is point of view. Are you both expecting the same thing out of the trip, make sure your ideas match before you commit is anything.