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Travel Hack: How To Set Up A Hotspot Using Your MacBook

I am currently staying at the old prison in Helsinki, which has been transformed into a hotel. My room is cell 236 and I get a little sunlight through the little windows in my cell. This is actually the only thing that get’s through to my cell. The wifi unfortunately doesn’t work that well.

The reason for this is simple and can be found all over the world in old buildings like this old prision. The Wifi signal, even when strong in the corridor, just doesn’t get through the thick cement walls.

Luckily the Best Western Hotel Katajanokka, has internet plugs built into the desk and I happen to know a little travel hack that I’ve been using all over the world to use my macbook as a hotspot or wifi router.

Want to know how to set up a hotspot using your macbook?

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Detailed steps to set up a hotspot using your macbook:

1. Open your System Preferences

2. Go to “Sharing”

3. Go to “Internet Sharing”

4. Share your connection from: Select “Ethernet”

5. To computers using: Select “Wi-Fi”

6. Click on Wi-Fi Options…

7. Select your network name, security level and password

8. Tick Internet Sharing

9. Click on Start

Your Wifi Icon should change from the waves to a arrow pointing up.

You should be all set now and can use your Macbook as a hotspot and connect your other devices like your iPhone, iPad etc. with your personal wifi network!

Sebastian Canaves
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Sebastian Canaves
Sebastian Canaves

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