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Auf geht`s! Finde die besten Tipps für Deine Australien Reise.

How to stay connected while traveling
When traveling abroad there is the need to stay in touch with friends and family. Maybe you also have a blog like this one and need to keep this one up to date. There are different way how to stay online, whichever you choose remember that you need antivirus software.
Working at Angkor Wat
Working at Angkor Wat


With a laptop you are flexible and you can always connect online. Furthermore it is easy to edit and manage your files while you are on the go. If you need to write articles for a blog or work as a freelancer while you travel this would be the best option when traveling. Most laptops are heavy with an average weight of 2 kgs maybe a netbook would be ideal!


You want to read a book, take photos, write emails, and have a device that entertains you on long bus rides where you can watch movies and listen to music? A tablet would be perfect for you if you don’t have to work too much on things.


If you only want to skype now and then and update your Facebook status and maybe send out some tweets you might want to consider traveling light with your smartphone. If you need to be connected to the Internet always you can buy a sim card in each country you are traveling to or buy an international sim card.

Internet Café

Your digital camera is enough and besides of that you don’t want to carry any electric devices? Most cities on the route of travelers have at least one Internet café where you can easily upload your photos to Facebook or your Flickr Album. When connecting to the Internet from a public space be careful that you don’t visit websites with sensitive data. Try to avoid websites like your online banking or similar. In some places Internet criminals steal online information from users and go shopping. It all happened so better be careful! Now you know how to stay connected while traveling!! Safe travels!
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