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4 Places To Learn Muay Thai In Bangkok

The martial art Muay Thai is a very traditional and popular sport, which originated in Thailand. The sport is very popular in Thailand and it’s celebrated, like Soccer in Europe.

Muay Thai was invented many years ago by Thai warriors and is one of the oldest martial arts in the world. Compared to Western Boxing Muay Thai is traditional and is thereby taken very seriously. Muay Thai training is very versatile and challenging. Both technically and stamina. A unique martial art where you can enjoy a workout, have fun and can compete with others.

For nearly a week me and seven other bloggers from all over the world were allowed to immerse into the world of Thai boxing in Bangkok. We met the most famous boxers of the country and even enjoyed our own personal Muay Thai Training with them. At the beginning I thought to myself – me and boxing? Except for yoga, I make absolutely no sports. This can indeed be fun ūüėČ I just had absolutely no idea what I was getting myself into.

We changed camps every day to get the full experience. In total, there were four training halls, which could not have been more different. You will find something for every taste.

1. Petchyindee Academy

The first Boxcamp, the Petchyindee Academy is well known and one of the oldest Muay Thai Boxcamps of the world. It is known to have produced many champions to their success. National as well as International. Because of all the Champions, this camp is world famous and it has high standards.

Boxers are trained here by the best and most experienced trainers who place great value on discipline, morality and ethics. In this studio, men and women can work out who are really serious about this sport. About 100 foreigners are coming here every month to be trained by one of the top boxers. Overall, I would recommend this place to people with more experience!

2. Legend Thai Boxing School

The second studio, is the brand new Legend Thai Boxing School, which opened its doors only a year ago, is located in the heart of Bangkok and is specialised in Muay Thai boxing, personal training, self defense and weight loss. Additionally you can also book sessions in acupuncture, chiropractic, nutritional counseling and much more. You can have an all-around package!

Boxers are trained in a very safe and clean environment in which everyone can learn the proper techniques and still have fun. The main focus is clearly on fun and personal training. The staff speaks good English, is funny and very professional. Whether you are a beginner, you just want to try once or you are Advanced – here you can train!

3. Baan Chang Thai

The third studio Baan Chang Thai is very traditional and is specified on a different form of Muay Thai – Muay Chaiya. Those of you who want to immerse themselves in the real and genuine atmosphere of Muay Chaiya, this is the place to be!

Here you will learn about the spirit which should belong to this sport. It should come from the heart and it shouldn’t be about knocking somebody out as soon as possible. It is seen here more as a kind of state of mind or even art. This studio wants to distance itself from the Muay Thai, which you see on TV or in stadiums. In the last 18 years this studio has trained more than 1,000 boxers from more than 15 countries. If you are serious about about boxing, this place might be perfect for you. But you should have the right attitude towards this sport from the beginning.

4. Saengmorakot Gym

The fourth studio Saengmorakot Gym is located very close to the temple Wat Saket and the famous Rajdamnern Boxing Stadium.

This studio is also very traditional and trained already many foreigners. For over 25 years, they’ve trained fighters, who have won more than 30 championships. This studio is well known among Australians, who travel all the way to Bangkok just to train here.

An overview of all studios can be found here.

Ultimately, I was just thrilled of the spirit of Muay Thai! You need to have a very strong mind, a strong will and perseverance to be able to exercise this sport.

Before I had a go at it, I thought that there just guys who want to beat each other. That Muay Thai could be a sport women do, did not even cross my mind. But it can be just beneficial to be able to defend yourself or to sharpen your mind, or even just to be fit and lose a few kilos.

Conclusion of my Muay Thai Bangkok experience

All four studios were great! But each appeals to a slightly different audience. It depends on what you want. Traditional or modern. With or without accommodation. In any case, for all tastes! An overview of different studios and more information you can find here.

Muay Thai is so much more than just a sport! I was surprised that I enjoyed it so much. I would not rule it out, to train one day, even for a few weeks Muay Thai in Thailand.

Would you attend a Muay Thai Training Camp for a longer time? Leave a comment below!

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