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4 Reasons why you should travel to Thailand to learn Muay Thai

Muay Thai is a sport that is becoming increasingly popular worldwide. You can find more and more Box camps in every single country. Nevertheless, it attracts every year many boxers to train Muay Thai in Thailand. But does it make sense to travel to Thailand for Muay Thai Training?

1. Thailand is always worth a trip

Yes! First of all, Thailand is always worth a visit. The climate is pleasant, the cost of living is low, the Thais are very friendly and the food is just fantastic! The costs of training is much lower than in Europe for instance. For this you get a genuine Thai training and you learn all the subtleties. And it does not matter whether you are traveling especially for your Muay Thai training to Thailand or if you just want to train for a few days or weeks during your trip through Thailand.


2. Muay Thai simply rocks

Muay Thai is the best known and most popular sport in Thailand. This martial arts is the pride of an entire nation. There are more than 60,000 full-time boxers with a population of 60 million and hundreds of Box camps, which are spread throughout the whole country. Just in Bangkok, there are already over 200 Boxcamps where only professional Thai boxer train. The camps vary in some cases extremely. You can train indoors or outdoors. The camps are spartan and traditional or very modern with all of equipment that you can possibly imagine.


3. You will be trained by former champs

You will be trained by former champions. They know exactly how to train you to achieve top results and to get the best out of you. They are very proud of their victories! They even walk down memory lane with you, tell you stories about their private life and show you photos from their family and friends.


4. Immerse into the Muay Thai culture in Thailand

You get to know the traditional aspect and you can really immerse yourself in the world of Muay Thai. All of this is nowhere else possible than in Thailand. Even the best Muay Thai schools in the world are in Thailand – what makes a lot of sense!

Also, you can watch in one of the stadiums live Muay Thai boxing matches and experience the euphoria of the audience and the whole atmosphere. Believe me, even for me it was an incredible experience! But if you don’t want any blood and sweat in your face, you should avoid the seats around the fighting ring.


But what’s so interesting about Muay Thai?

In recent years Muay Thai has become an international phenomenon, with Boxcamps in over 80 countries that are distributed around the globe. Nobody can withdraw from the fascination of Muay Thai who has ever started training.

Due to the high risk of injury, Muay Thai is clearly one of the toughest martial arts in the world. You challenge yourself continuously and get a lot in return. You keep your body and mind fit and have the certainty of being able to defend yourself. You can also find out your personal power limit and may even exceed your limits here.

It’s not just about beating, it is more about to defeat the opponent with a controlled technique – by a lightning-fast sequence of kicks and punches with fists, elbows, knees and feet. One of the peculiarities of Muay Thai begins already a few minutes before the fight. A traditional ceremony with a dance in honor of the teacher that can be customized by boxers to boxer.


Even for people who are not interested in competitions, this sport is excellent as a self-defence system. But also to form important characteristics, such as consideration for others and simultaneously assertiveness, self-discipline, willpower and self-confidence.

No matter whatever the driving motive behind your decision is – fitness training, as a competitive sport, self-defense or martial arts – you will not be disappointed!
Muay Thai can improve your mental attitude and concentration and make you physically in peak condition.

A list with all Muay Thai Box camps can you find here.

Sebastian Canaves
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