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Netherlands by bike

bikes in amsterdamThe Netherlands are known for their bikes and Dutchies have the most bikes per capita (16.500.000 bikes on 15.562.800 people, that is a percentage of 99.1 % bikes per capita).

I’m living in this country for almost three years and I refused driving a bike for the first two. I went everywhere by car or if going out I walked. I managed to do pretty well  until I got a bike from a friend. After nearly 10 years of not riding anymore I managed to not get hit by a car in the first 5 minutes (but I got hit later after half a year by an elderly couple who didn’t saw me coming).

On Monday, me and a friend wanted to go on holidays. We didn’t book anything on purpose because we wanted to wait and check out the last minute deals. We searched the internet for hours and couldn’t find any good offers which suited both of us. Therefore we spontaneously decided to grab our bikes and cycle through the Netherlands. We are going to make holidays in Holland!!!

During the next 8-9 days we will ride about 400 km’s and safe quite a lot of CO2 and get fit and healthy again 🙂

We have planned following tour:

[iframe width=”100%” height=”480″ src=”,+Niederlande&daddr=Oude+Delft+to:Beeklaan+to:Gevers+Deynootweg+to:Keizerstraat+to:Oosthuizerweg+to:Huiswaarderplein+to:Pontweg%2FN501+to:Groeneweg+to:Bornholmstraat&hl=de&ll=52.689702,5.998535&spn=1.661439,4.938354&sll=53.084127,6.190796&sspn=0.823196,2.469177&geocode=FY28FwMdk7FGACkV3eREVyzERzGqfsHkB2y-lA%3BFUKcGQMdzntCAA%3BFQabGgMd4k9BAA%3BFWw0GwMdrGJBAA%3BFeJBHwMdGqRGAA%3BFTdLIQMd-vlMAA%3BFTIqIwMdpIFIAA%3BFfhdKQMd2jtJAA%3BFcTVKwMdeGtYAA%3BFYgCLAMdIpxkAA&mra=mi&mrsp=9&sz=9&dirflg=w&t=h&z=8″]

Before we can start I have to bring my bike to the bike shop / bike store to let it check. I think I need new breaks!

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Have you traveled by bike already? How was that?

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5 comments on “Netherlands by bike

  1. The Travel Chica on

    I am envious of people I have met traveling by bike. I love to go on long bike rides, but my definition of long is around 20 miles. I think If I were going to do a multi-day ride I would need to have someone else with me responsible for making she we had supplies and figuring out our meals. I like the riding part, just not dealing with the rest 🙂

    I look forward to hearing more about your adventure on bike.

    • seba on

      Well it can be quite hard. Today is day two an everything hurts already. Today we have to bike about 60 kms!
      About supplies, that is no problems. We always buy everything at our destination or on the way. Luckily the Netherlands aren’t so big and there is always a city with a supermarket around the next corner!

  2. allan bowen on

    I am so jealous that peopel actually live in a place that think of the bike not as a recreational item but actual transportation.

    • seba on

      I also hate to ride in big cities. It’s always so busy and you have to pay much more attention to your surroundings. We are now in Rotterdam the second biggest cities of the Netherlands, quite a big challenge after riding the whole day yesterday in the countryside.

      Rain is awful and we were lucky yesterday. The forecast says that nothing should happen until tonight but looking at the sky I guess that we are going to get really wet today 🙁