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New Zealand must see: 8 reasons why you’ll fall in love with New Zealand!

New Zealand is a very special country because it touches all your senses several times a day! Each adventure is a New Zealand must see and will impress you. The fresh mountain air, and salty breath from the sea will make your lungs happy forever. Fresh caught fish and local wine will delight your taste buds, and show you the true potential of life on the islands. Quiet hours spent in nature bring complete relaxation to your ears.

I’ll share more with you in the following article about why New Zealand is so awesome! You’ll fall in love with the landscape and so much more. Get ready for your new favorite country! 

8 reasons why you’ll fall in love once you’re in New Zealand!

1. New Zealand’s landscape: Breathtakingly beautiful!

Hardly any other country occupies such a small space yet has so much landscape variety to offer. You can go surfing in the morning near Queenstown in Sumner, and then go snowboarding in the afternoon on the slopes of Mt. Hutt! In the evening you can sit down in a hot spring to finish the day all nice and relaxed.

Or how about going on a hike in the rainforest where you’re led through lush green and dense trees and wildlife? On the North Island there’s a great deal of it. For example, in the Waipoua Kauri Forest you can go on a lovely hike and admire the gigantic Kauri trees!

When you’re here you’ll also be delighted with views of huge glaciers that extend all the way to the sea, fantastic fjords, and turquoise mountain lakes! New Zealand is also home to several active volcanoes that bubble violently inside. They fill the numerous hot springs with soothing volcanic water that makes your skin soft and supplies you with healthy minerals. The volcanoes are for sure a New Zealand must see!

Because New Zealand is made up of two main islands there is, of course, tons of coastline with long sandy beaches. You can take walks along the beach forever here, or sit in the shade of a tree enjoying life!

You’ll get to experience a very special atmosphere in the fjords of New Zealand, such as Milford or Doubtful Sounds! The waterways and peninsulas of the Marlborough sounds are so impressive. The countryside looks amazing from the sky as you fly in to the sounds in a helicopter. It looks just as good from the ground when you’re cruising the water in a boat! Frequently, kayak tours are offered through the sounds as well which get you immersed right into the landscape.

Hot springs and boiling mud pools await you in Rotorua, the capital of geothermal activity. It constantly smells of sulfur due to the volcanic action, and some city areas are actually fenced off because hot sulfuric air escapes from the ground!

2. Extreme adventure

If a country were ever given the title of “Adventureland”, New Zealand would win it hands down! There’s hardly an activity you can think of that doesn’t exist down here. The most daring and exciting escapade is skydiving from 15000 feet. The moment you get signed up, and get you’re suit on, you’re already filled with an adrenaline surge. Then hopping into the plane and preparing to take the biggest jump of your life is just as much of a rush!

The coolest places to go skydiving in New Zealand are Queenstown and Lake Wanaka on the South Island, and Lake Taupo on the North. While you’re flying into Queenstown over the Remarkables mountain range, you can see the sky-blue Lake Taupo with its volcanic mountains standing around the outside on the North Island. Whichever place you decide to jump from you’ll be guaranteed a massively exciting adventure and float back down to earth with the shakiest legs you’ll ever have!

There’s clearly no other country that’s better for a fantastic skydiving jump than New Zealand! If you’ve never done it, trust us: It is the perfect place for your first jump!

Besides skydiving, there’s plenty more adventures like bungee jumping, and rafting. You can find them all on both the North and South Island. In Queenstown there’s some of the best mountain activities on the Remarkables!

If you’re not much of an adrenaline junkie, or just want to relax, a great place to head to is the Glacier Hot Pots near the Franz Josef Glaciers. To get up close and personal with a seething volcano, drive to White Iceland! This active volcanic island in the sea is really an extraordinary place but without a gas mask you can’t head out. The gas that comes out of the open, steaming crater – and countless other holes – burns your throat and nose.

Speaking of burning, if you have a small cut or scrape, let your guide apply some sulfur from the mountain. Wearing a bit on your wound will help it heal faster than you thought is possible! The only downside is it burns like hell for the first little bit!

In this post, incidentally, you’ll be able to find 26 of the coolest adventures including the costs.

3. Complete peace and seclusion

New Zealand is a perfect location if you’re by yourself and want to enjoy the beautiful locations on your lonesome. Although New Zealand is a popular travel destination, and sees tons of backpackers, who also go there for work an travel, you can still find many places that are really deserted.

One of these places, for example, is Milford Sound. You can camp here, set up your camper, or spend the night in a lodge overlooking the fjord. Also, the south of the South Island is quiet compared to the North because many travelers don’t make it down here as often. Another reason to go south? You find the authentic New Zealand here!

Farms, mountains, green meadows, and an incredible amount of originality dominate the south of the South Island. Stewart Island is a natural paradise, because the island is mostly a National Park.

However, if you can’t make it down south but want to be alone, the Coromandel Peninsula on the north island is a perfect place for some peace and quiet. The beaches here are often completely empty and the accommodation is in an idyllic location in front of the mountains. You can also head out on great hikes in the mountains and along the coast. Your only companions in the mountains will be a massive amount of sheep!

Such pristine places will peak your curiosity to discover New Zealand, and experience some very intense and beautiful moments!

4. Unforgettable hiking

One thing that’s particularly appealing throughout New Zealand’s landscape is the super nice hiking trails. There are numerous walking tours you can take in almost all areas of New Zealand. If you don’t have them, grabbing a good pair of hiking shoes is a must when heading down to the islands. And the best part is that the hikes aren’t crazy multi-day adventures. There’s tons of opportunity, as a beginner, to go on easier hikes and casual walks.

The network of trails is very well developed. There are great trails on the North and South Island and many huts where you can find shelter if you choose to hit up a multi-day hike. The variety of landscapes you pass through along these hikes is truly amazing! You get your choice of hiking trails through dense rainforests, along the coast, and through magnificent fjords. If you’re totally extreme you can opt to climb a volcano or mountain and reach dizzying heights shimmying up ropes along the way!

Something common along almost all the walks is how well developed and clean they are. Unlike many countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, and Vietnam, the tracks here are really well maintained and protected!

One of the coolest, but most strenuous hikes, is the famous Tongariro Crossing. You need about 7 hours for this day hike. The ascent and descent can be really challenging if you’re not in great shape, but it’s so worth it! The view from the top is gorgeous. The bright turquoise crater lakes are breathtaking.

Find more about hiking in New Zealand here!

5. Every trip is fun

New Zealand is a country for discoveries, adventures, and if you like traveling on your own. No matter how you see New Zealand, whether by bicycle, car, or camper, every single trip is just so much fun! New Zealand’s landscape changes so quickly, around every twist and turn in the road a New Zealand must see awaits!

Whenever you go driving off to a new place you should always make sure to add some time into your schedule so you can enjoy the landscape that you pass by. You’ll stop a lot to take photos and just sit to enjoy the view.

A journey through New Zealand also means pure freedom and flexibility. Above all, a rental car or even a camper can give you the feeling that everything is possible and that you can do anything you want whenever you want. A camper makes your road trip feel absolutely perfect because you can drive to the most amazing campsites and wake up with the best views.

6. Experience animals up close

You animal lovers are going to be amazed by the wildlife in New Zealand! How would you like to go swimming with dolphins? You can totally do that on both islands, it’s so incredible! I promise, this is an unforgettable experience. I can hardly put it into words – you’ll just have to experience it for yourself.

You have the opportunity to go play with these marine animals in several places. The most notable is Kaikoura on the South Island and Mount Maunganui on the North Island.

And, of course, there are whales in New Zealand! The perfect place to meet these giants of the sea is also located off the coast of Kaikoura. The boats depart from the coast several times a day to observe the whales up close. The moment the first whale surfaces and with tremendous pressure blows water sky-high is indescribable, and guaranteed to give you goosebumps.

Don’t worry though, you don’t necessarily need to spend the money on a tour. In Akaroa, for example, with a bit of luck you can observe dolphins and whales from the hills and shoreline! Of course, you have to look very closely and not get too close but the excitement is just as great as taking a boat out to see them. Also, in Milford Sound, if you go kayaking you can run into dolphins and seals!

With a lot of luck, you can grab an SUP or kayak in Wellington and paddle with orcas in the Marlborough Sounds.

The kiwi, the national symbol of New Zealand, is actually pretty tough to detect because the little birds are mostly active at night. The best chance you’ll have to see them in the wild is on Stewart or Kapiti Island in Zealandia in Wellington. It is almost guaranteed you can spot a Kiwi bird there!

Another plus for New Zealand over Australia is that on the islands there are no dangerous, poisonous animals except for a small, very rare spider. You can wander off hiking in the bush without the fear of being attacked every moment by some nasty spider or snake!

7. Helpful, relaxed Kiwis

Another reason you’ll fall in love with New Zealand is because of how incredibly friendly and open the people are. The Kiwis, as New Zealander’s are called, are always ready for a chat everywhere from the café to the supermarket checkout; even on the street! They can help you with any questions you have and provide you with cool tips and travel advice!

Another trait that makes Kiwis particularly nice is their serenity. They don’t seem to know stress. They work to enjoy life and free time. This feeling will impart itself onto you, and you won’t take anything too seriously. They give you such a relaxed approach to issues and simply live more in the present. The fact that New Zealand is on one side of the world, and your home and stresses are on the other, adds to that feeling.

From Germany, we usually don’t get a lot of instances where you meet someone on the street and then eat together, or go hang out at someone’s house, or meet the rest of their friends right away. In New Zealand, however, it’s nothing out of the ordinary! The people here are genuinely interested in you and like to help you find new friends!

New Zealand is also a prime example of how indigenous people live together in peace with settlers. The Maori are provided for and integrated completely equally in to the country. They live together with the rest of New Zealand’s inhabitants without hostility or oppression.

8. New Zealand will change you

New Zealand is simply different. It’s a place unlike anything else you’ve ever experienced or seen. You will experience so many new and incredibly moments that you’ll never forget your time on the islands. With all the adventures and challenges you’ll grow as a person, and find yourself.

The incredible nature with its contrasting landscapes will make you speechless and you’ll learn how to concentrate on life’s essentials. It’ll open you up to being more present and trigger a feeling of peace inside of you that is indescribable!

In short, a trip to New Zealand will change you for sure! You will not come back home the same person you left as. You might be aware of the change but it could also happen unconsciously. It’s simply a new beginning for you!

Get ready for your new favorite country and New Zealand’s must sees!

New Zealand is incredibly unique and your trip there will be unforgettable. It’s a very special country that you’re guaranteed to fall in love with! The stunning landscapes, extreme adventures, breathtaking hikes and wild animals will make you feel like never leaving. The relaxed and helpful nature will add to that feeling and make you feel right at home.

There’s definitely danger in New Zealand: the danger of falling in love and never wanting to leave. And if you do manage to leave, you’ll want to come back, I promise.

What’s the coolest New Zealand must see in this post that you wish you could do? Let us know in the comments–and go book that ticket to New Zealand already!

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