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Photo Essay: Road Trip through France

In April I traveled for ten days around France. What started as a road trip between strangers ended as a road trip between friends. The aim was to try as many french wines as possible and identify the differences between all the wines and how well they go with anything. An awesome adventure, because until the day I arrived in France I had no idea about wine. I thought that expensive means good and cheap means bad. I was sooo wrong.

Road Trip through France

Our French Road Trip took us around all of France. We started in Paris, went to Tours, followed by Bordeaux, Montpellier, and Beaune near Lion and ended in Paris again after 10 days of road tripping.

Here are some pictures of the individual stops.


Tours is located less than two hours south of Paris with the TGV. When you enter the train station you are amazed by the beauty and the old architecture. I haven’t seen much else of the city to judge it but by the welcome I’d say it must be pretty cool. We were there for a day to visit the “Viti Loire” wine fair. The next day we jumped on the bikes to do a short biking tour around the loire valley.

French Wine Trip French Wine Trip - Loire French Wine Trip - Loire French Wine Trip - Tours


After Paris, probably one of the most famous cities in France, definitely though the most famous city for wines in the world. Bordeaux is simply classy. The whole city has this old vibe that is mixed with the modern infrastructure. It goes so well like a sweet bordeaux white wine and fresh oysters, simply perfect! In summer the sunsets in the city are just spectacular. Best way to watch them is from one of the bridges over the Garonne River which flows right through the city.

French Wine Trip - Bordeaux French Wine Trip - Bordeaux French Wine Trip - Bordeaux French Wine Trip - Bordeaux French Wine Trip - Bordeaux French Wine Trip - Bordeaux


Down in the south near the spanish border lays the region Languedoc. Around Montpellier you will find good beaches, great vineyards and even better wines. Some of the best rosés I tried came from this region and all the little chateaus are in great condition and look absolutely gorgeous. Southern France with good weather is always a good idea!

French Wine Trip - Montpellier French Wine Trip - Montpellier French Wine Trip - Montpellier


The last stop on our road trip through France was Beaune which is a tiny city in the region of Burgundy. Known for its very rich and mineral soil, which gives the burgundy wines its special taste. The region has many little hills with hundreds of vineyards. Beautiful to watch while driving by.

French Wine Trip - Burgundy French Wine Trip - Burgundy French Wine Trip - Burgundy French Wine Trip - Burgundy

What is your favourite region in France? I’m looking forward to read your thoughts in the comments below!

Disclaimer: I was invited on this trip by france agrimer. However, all thoughts are mine and all the wine didn’t influence my opinion! 😉

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7 comments on “Photo Essay: Road Trip through France

  1. Heather on

    Lovely photographs! I am a big fan of road trips! I have only been to France twice; and have yet to find a favorite place. I prefer to stay out of Paris. Your photos are enticing! Thank you for sharing.

  2. sarahsbreakaway on

    A tip for the next roadtrip: Metz is beautiful (north-east, the area of la Moselle), Strasbourg is quite pretty too but very crowded. Nimes & Avignon are really cool too and the area around it is amazing. Marseille, you either love or hate. But the coastal area in that region is quite amazing (les calanques, sort of mini fjords in the south) which you can discover for example from Cassis or La Ciotat (famous for Les frères Lumière who made the first film of a train entering a station, the station of La Ciotat). Reims up north is cool to go champagne tasting 🙂