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Best Off The Path restaurants in Bangkok!

I’m always happy to be in Bangkok, if only for a brief stopover of a few days or a whole week. This city is simply unbelievable! Insanely loud, insanely chaotic, but also crazy and exciting! What I particularly love about Bangkok is the food: from simple food stalls and cool Burger Trucks on the roadside, to stylish cafes and delicious sushi shops – in Bangkok, you can get everything and it’s always the most delicious!

Since I’ve been here several times in recent years and have even lived here for a while, I know where all the best restaurants and shops are in Thailand’s capital! I’ll tell you about the best ones in this post! And so you’ll also have a nice place to sleep during your Bangkok adventure, I’ll be sharing three tips for cool accommodations! 

Best Off The Path restaurants in Bangkok!

1. The best Asian restaurants

Noi Seafood in Huai Kwang

This is some of the very best Thai food in all of Bangkok! I know the store only because my apartment at the time, when I still lived in Bangkok, was around the corner. I came here by chance while visiting the Huai Kwang night market.

It hardly ever sees foreigners, and you always sit amongst the locals. The staff speaks little English and the menu is huge and filled with pictures!

As the name suggests it, the Noi Seafood is especially known for seafood dishes and fresh fish. But the dishes with meat and vegetables taste incredible as well! My favorite is the barbecue chicken, barbecue pork and authentic Thai street dish, Pad Ka Prao: minced pork with Thai basil, chili, rice and a fried egg – really delicious! This is, incidentally Line’s absolute favorite dish, and while I almost always order Pad Thai, she always orders Pad Ka Prao.

The restaurant itself has rather simple furnishings, and you’re not really given a very comfortable seat. Ultimately, it does not matter, because the food tastes awesome either way! The prices are relatively high by Thai standards and per dish you pay an average of 5 euros. You can reach the restaurant pretty easily by public transport, since the BTS station Huai Kwang is located only a five minute walk down the road. Alternatively I can recommend you to order an Uber like in Cape Town, Johannesburg or Miami.

You can find the Google directions to the Noi Seafood Restaurant in Huai Kwang here.

Sushi Masa

Sushi Masa is the Sushi Shop to visit in Bangkok! You get really great fresh fish here. Especially the salmon is a dream, and I also always several Sake nigiri. Since the Sushi Masa is more traditionally Japanese, you can also find some classic dishes. Though the price can be high the really good quality and freshness of the fish justifies the price!

At the beginning, the Sushi Masa was a very small shop with a bar and just three tables. Today there are six more new tables, and a second store has been opened – a sign of how good the sushi really is! While the restaurant isn’t too cozy and the service is sometimes quite slow, the food is so delicious that you can see past it.

The original store is in Siam Sawana Hotel in Ratchatewi-Pratunam (BTS Ratchathewi), and the newer store can be found in Thonglor, between Sukhumvit Soi 53 and 55, Thonglor 5 (BTS Thonglor).


Maki Maki

The Maki Maki is also in Thonglor, but unlike the Sushi Masa you can get really unusual sushi creations. In addition, your seat in Maki Maki is much cozier, and the small covered terrace is decorated with a few nice lights. Besides sashimi and nigiri you can get Maki Maki courses in all shapes and combinations. If you like maki rolls, you have to try this place!

My favorites are the maki rolls with shrimp tempura and eel, but I also recommend trying it with crispy salmon skin. The Maki Maki is located in a side street on Soi Thonglor 5, Pai Di Ma Di called sound, in a really small shopping mall on the second floor. Here are the exact Google coordinates:


2. The juiciest burger in Bangkok

Daniel Thaiger

The best burger in the world is, in my opinion either at quirky places like in an old toilet house in Berlin or cool food trucks like Daniel Thaiger in Bangkok.

You can decide if your patty is made from beef or pork and also choose between four burger creations: the Thaiger with grilled onions and the famous Thaiger sauce, Mr. Steve: which is additionally coated with bacon and cheese, The Cowboy: with double bacon, jalapeños and barbecue sauce, or the Sumo Oat: with a teriyaki glaze and spicy mayo.

The meat is really juicy and the Brioche Bun is nice and fluffy. My favorite here is definitely the Mr. Steve with beef. A burger with some of their tasty fries is plenty for two people. Since it’s a food truck you sit on cheap plastic chairs in the dark of a secluded parking lot. The burgers cost between THB 150 for the Thaiger and THB 200 for the cowboy; the fries cost 60 THB, or around 1.50 euros.

The Food Truck, Daniel Thaiger, is located along Sukhumvit Soi 30/31. The best thing to do is to check the current location on the Facebook page. You should also not show up too late, because the burgers sell fast!


Meat & Bones

At Meat&Bones you get amazing spareribs as well as a lovely pork ribs burger! Meat & Bones is located in the COMMONs and is somewhat reminiscent of a cool pub from Scotland or Ireland.

The Pork Ribs Burger is really awesome, the meat is super tender and the coleslaw is also delicious on burgers – writing these lines is making my mouth water! The ribs themselves are also said to be fantastic and look really yummy!

Here is the Google coordinates for the COMMONs, the Meat & Bones is located in the rear part of the market left:


3. The most stylish cafes for breakfast, brunch and coffee


The best breakfast in Bangkok can be found at Toby’s. The cafe is located in a small house with brick walls, and the inside is super modern and bright. The woodwork and the minimalist décor feels almost like a café in Sweden, Norway, Denmark or Finland.

The Eggs Mikado are especially yummy here. It’s served with two poached eggs and salmon, sourdough bread, and an orange hollandaise sauce. The breakfast combination with scrambled eggs, ham, salmon and delicious cherry tomatoes is also something I’d recommend. Another cool menu item is the French toast with ice cream, berries and nuts. An absolutely outrageous drink you have to try is the avocado smoothie! The flat white you can get at Toby’s is also impressive.

However, the dishes here are quite expensive, but this is only normal in Bangkok especially if you’re looking for western food. For Eggs Mikado you pay about 320 THB, which is around 8.20 euros, while the French toast costs closer to 280 THB, or around 7.20 euros – pretty expensive!

Toby’s is located between the districts of Thonglor and Ekkamai on Sukhumvit Soi 38. The same BTS stations are both around a 15 minute walk away. Here are the exact Google coordinations:



Roots has the best coffee in town! Roots is now in the COMMONs, a creative center for food and design in Thonglor. Previously there was only a small shop in Suan Luang and the funny part: for the coffee and the pastries there were no prices, you just left as much money as you thought would be appropriate. Today it’s different and each coffee has a fixed price. Although the prices are not quite as low, the coffee tastes amazing!

The beans originate from Thailand itself. They’re roasted locally, and make delicious espresso-based coffees and filter coffee, both hot and cold. My favorite is, as always, the flat white!

Since the cafe is located in a kind of market hall with various stalls and restaurants, it is not quite as cozy here, but all the more expressive and full of atmosphere. You can either sit right at the coffee bar or at the large window, or you can take the small staircase on the other side up to the top and sit on one of the many stools.

Alternatively, there is also plenty of seating along the exterior of the COMMONs, but it is often too hot to enjoy a hot coffee in the tropical Thailand climate – which means you’ll only want the cold coffee creations like a Cold Brew!

Here you find the Google coordinates for the COMMONs:


Roast Coffee & Eatery

Roast Coffee & Eatery is the place for a hearty brunch in Bangkok and it’s deservedly full here on the weekend. The cafe is also in the COMMONs and opened a second store in EmQuartier near BTS Phrom Phong station.

The menu is really versatile! There are delicious Eggs Benedict, croque monsieur, American pancakes, cranberry brioche French toast, or baked eggs with tomato, chorizo and tortilla. You can also get classic dishes like spaghetti with garlic and bacon, seafood risotto, Pulled Pork burgers, or ribs. Some cool dishes here are the desserts like the chocolate soufflé, crumble with warm berries, and the so-called “Half Baked”: homemade vanilla ice cream with cookie dough, chocolate, caramel sauce, and chocolate biscuit crumbs.

The coffee here is not quite as good as it is often claimed to be, because you can get a better flat white at Roost in the market hall of the COMMONs.

At Roast the furniture is nice and minimalist, bright, floored with wood, and is reminiscent of a Scandinavian cafe. Here the prices are a bit high rather than low, but the food tastes really delicious!

Again, here are the Google coordinates for the COMMONs. Roast is located in Unit #T1. Also, here are the coordinates for EmQuartier where you can find Roast on the first floor:


Casa Lapin x49

This really small cafe is really cozy, serves good coffee, and also has fast internet! The food is not really recommended here and you don’t have a lot of choices anyway. The Casa Lapin x49 is the place for you if you, at times, like to sit for a few hours on your laptop with work, skype, writing emails, or researching. Students can often be found sitting with their noses buried deep in thick books or on their laptops here!

The flat white here is quite strong and tastes good. There is a toilet and as long as you always have a drink or coffee ordered, no one will be looking at you funny when you settle yourself here for a few hours. The decor is reminiscent of a cool hipster café from Brooklyn with stone walls and a large wooden table, and a cozy sitting area outside. Of course this cafe is in the trendy Thonglor, hidden at the end of a small side street.

Casa Lapin is actually a small chain and there is another, much larger store in Phrom Phong: Casa Lapin x26. A hostel and a Co-Working Space are also connected to it, but the café of Casa Lapin x26 is not quite as cozy as that of Casa Lapin x49 in Thonglor.


4. Cool accommodation in Bangkok

1. Modern apartments just off Sukhumvit Soi 11

This really modern and bright apartment is just a short walk from the popular Sukhumvit Soi 11 with all the food stalls, cool rooftop bars, and even my favorite bar “Cheap Charlie’s”. While you need to take transit, the station is just a two minute walk and around the corner. In addition, the condo complex where the apartment is located was built from scratch, has a huge pool, a small but well-equipped gym and a cozy library for reading, working or just chilling out.

The apartment has a living room with couches and a dining table, a small balcony, a separate bedroom with a large wardrobe, a bathroom with a shower, and a well-equipped kitchenette with washing machine. Ping, the owner of the apartment, also is very nice and can give you a few good tips on the area.

2. Adelphi 49 in the middle of the trendy Thonglor

The Adelphi 49 is a fairly new hotel and offers rental rooms in addition to apartments. These are large, bright and also very modernly furnished and cozy. Depending on what you choose, you could have, for example, a large bathroom with bath tub, a large bedroom with a super comfortable bed and a separate living room with a couch corner and a kitchenette, and a washing machine included.

Something especially cool is the location of Adelphi 49, because you’re right in the trendy Thonglor, and not far from the above-mentioned restaurants and cafes. Both the BTS Thonglor and chromium Phong are located less than a 10-minute walk away. And on the top of the hotel there’s even a small pool for you to enjoy!

Green views from Oriental Residence Bangkok

This apartment hotel immediately gives you a feeling of home! The apartments are very spacious, furnished, super cozy, and equipped well. Depending on which category you choose you could stay in a place that has a large living and dining room with kitchenette, a large bedroom with the most comfortable bed I’ve ever slept in, and a large bathroom with a tub and shower.

The great thing here is that you get to look out of your apartment straight down to the garden even though you find yourself in the middle of Bangkok. The Oriental Residence Bangkok is located right next to the Lumphini Park! Here you can relax and escape the bustle of the city. The hotel also has a private pool and a small gym, and you have a great view of the Bangkok skyline and the park from almost everywhere. The BTS station Phloen Chit is a short walk away, and from here you can quickly reach other areas of the city.

Bangkok means foodgasm!

As in other Asian cities such as Hong Kong, Bangkok offers countless delicious restaurants. Whether classic Thai, Japanese, juicy burgers, or delicious eggs benedict and good flat whites – in the capital of Thailand your palate can always be happy! And if you find great, cozy accommodations your Bangkok adventure is perfect!

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