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Road Trip Essentials: Best Friends, Best Gadgets, Best Time!

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Summer, sun and, a lot of fun and a huge adventure. This is what a road trip should sound and be like but often a road trip becomes a nightmare due to many different reasons. You can make sure that your next road trip is going to be the best you’ve ever had by taking care of a few little things that will make a huge difference at the end so you can really start your trip relaxed, in a good mood and don’t have to worry about anything and just enjoy the feeling of freedom!

While crossing several countries on a road trip might sound like fun, after many tiring hours of driving you will be wishing you’d done some pre road trip planning. I’m here to help you out and make your next road trip the best you’ve ever had!

I’ve already planned road trips in Australia, Norway, Germany, crossing several European Countries, Asia and much more… I have done all the mistakes you can possibly do and I’m here to tell you what to look out for!

7 Road Trip Essentials To Make Your Next Adventure The Best You’ve Ever Had

1. Don’t road tip with anybody

Be very selective about the person or the people you take with you on your next road trip. Remember that at some point you will be locked in a car with them for hours. Nothing will teach you as much about this person than hours and hours in this small room.

In Australia I found a girl via Gumtree to join me on my road trip from Cairns via Uluru to Sydney. I wanted to kick her out already after the first night, lucky for her we were already in the outback and the next city was thousands of kilometers away.

A great way to find your perfect road trip buddy is with the “friendship over distance” calculation. Take the time you’ve known your possible road trip buddy and how well you get along and divide it by the distance you have to drive. It’s crucial that you find a perfect road trip buddy. The longer the distance you want to cover, the better quality of buddy you are going to want to have with you.

Short trips are great to get to know somebody and gives you enough time to chit chat but for long distance you sometimes want that emergency ejection seat built into your passenger seat!

2. Take turns driving

I know, your car is your baby and nobody is allowed to drive it but I really recommend to take a break from the wheel every now and then and believe it or not, even though you might not be used to it, it’s nice to be a passenger and enjoy the beautiful landscapes you are passing without having to pay attention to the road and other cars all the time!

If you don’t want to let somebody else drive your car, how about renting a car and share the costs with all the passengers? You can share a car from as little as 5 € per person, per day!

Even better, join the Europcar – Moving My Way Competition where you can win an awesome car for a week. Wouldn’t it be great to road trip with four mates in a Land Rover? More info at the end of the post!

3. Take it easy cowboy!

Or better take it slow… There is no need to speed. One ticket can sometimes empty the budget of your whole road trip. So take it easy and have the time of your life!

4. Always good to have a look under the hood and around the car!

A few years ago I went on a road trip with a car that had no security and no safety check. I didn’t know until I was standing on a hill in Norway and wanted to stopp with friends to enjoy the view over a fjord when all of a sudden our car started to roll the hill backwards because the handbrake was not working. On this trip, a window fell out and the lock of one door broke!

Luckily, the engine was fine and we had a great time, however, we had some serious nervous break downs in between.

Before you start your road trip, make sure to take the car for an oil change and check all the fluids. Also check the condition of the tires, take a jump start cable with you and extra portion of coolant and learn things like how to jump start a car and how to change a tire. It might come handy!

The easiest way to not take care of all these things is by renting a car. Rental cars are serviced and in a good condition! Participate in the Moving My Way Competition by Europcar and win a rental for a week. No need to worry about what’s going on under the hood but you should still know how to change a tire!

5. Music! Spotify?

If you are over 20 you probably still remember the good old days with mix tapes. As a kid I used to carry hundreds of mix tapes on trips with my favorite music. At the end I would actually only listen to one or maximum two tapes.

Since then a lot of time has passed and technology has changed.

Today we only need three things:

1. Smartphone
2. 3G
3. Spotify!

I can’t really imagine a road trip without Spotify anymore. I have about 50 playlists for different situations and since a few months, Spotify even creates awesome playlists themselves and shares them with everybody. If you are in a special mood, have a look at the playlist library, they have an awesome collection!

Subscribe to my road trip playlist on Spotify here!

The best thing about it, it’s free! For a road trip I would sign up to the premium version though. The advantage is, great music, no ads and you can download everything and listen to it offline in case you travel through remote areas with poor mobile internet coverage.

6. Bring time and be spontaneous

The best thing about a road trip? Having the possibility to find off the beaten path things that are next to the road.

During a road trip in Norway two mates and I were on our way to a booked accommodation when we saw a little island next to shore. It looked so nice and peaceful, that we decided to not show up at the hotel and camp on the island with a bonfire. We had a bottle of Jack, a few cigarettes and with the wood on the island created a little but great bonfire and enjoyed the night. We are still talking about that night today!

Bring time and have the guts to change plans, because life happens while you are busy making other plans!

7. Go offline and ask for direction!

Yes, you read that right. One of the most digital and connected people recommends you to go offline! Take a map with you and start drawing on it, make personal notes on it, make a mess with that burger over the map and at the end of the road trip, take what’s left of the map and split it into equal parts, depending on how many people you are and frame it! This is the best memory you will have of your time together dab of BBQ sauce, every note, every tear means something and you’ll have it hanging on your wall as an awesome memory!

Packing List For Your Ultimate Road Trip

These are a few handy things that you should definitely take with you on your next road trip!

Power Inverter (DE) – Not sure you will survive without!
Duct Tape (DE)- You always need duct tape!
Go Pro (DE)- To capture the fun!
First Aid Kit (DE)- If you don’t have it in your car, it might come handy!
Mifi (DE)- Share one internet connection with all passengers
Bluetooth Headset (DE)- Who speaks on the phone nowadays? If you do, keep your hands on the wheel!
Kindle (DE)- Carry all books for all passengers in one little device. It’s awesome!
Relax Ally – If you want to be an ass and sleep while the driver has to stay awake, at least do it with comfort!

Europcar – Moving My Way Competition

From today until the 28.08.2014 Europcar is hosting a competition where you can win a week with one of their prestige car fleet. All you have to do is follow them on Instagram and share pictures under the hashtag #movingmyway and #europcar. 

Your pictures should be about your definition of driving enjoyment. Check out some of my pictures on my Instagram account!movingmyway

You can win a week with your favorite car

To indicate the car you want to win. Make sure to use the hashtag for the car. You can choose between #ftype (Jaguar), #defender (Land Rover), #golfr (VW) or #golfgti (VW).


In order to enter the competition, your picture needs at least 25 likes. Also make sure that your account is public and not private.

What are your absolute road trip essentials? Let’s talk in the comments!


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