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Road Trip Germany: 6 Stops in 5 Days, Discovering Northern Germany!
One of my many trips last month was a short and spontaneous road trip in northern Germany. We had no idea where we would go and just started driving. We only had two goals: A lots of outdoors and we had to be back in five days! We left Hannover, which lays very central in Germany, and drove up north. Hamburg is always a terrible place to drive through and there often is a big traffic jam. Since it took so long, we didn’t make it further than Schwerin and we only ended up there because we found ourselves in the middle of nowhere with no hotels and Schwerin was the closest big city where we found a room.

Schwerin: City of the many lakes

Schwerin is located between many picturesque lakes about 100 kms from Hamburg. The city is a popular destination for its castle that is build on a little island on one of the many lakes. Today is serves as the seat of the state parliament. A very impressive and beautiful building with beautiful gardens!

Schwerin Castle Schwerin Museum

Mecklenburg Lake District: Largest coherent lake and canal region of Germany

50 Kms away from Schwerin you will find the lake district of Mecklenburg. This region has hundreds of small and big lakes. The region is popular for germans that come here to do canoe for a few days. Unfortunately we went on a popular holiday and most places to rent things were closed and the villages were overrun by seniors.

Rostock: The northern pearl?

Rostock welcomed us with rain and it didn’t stop raining until we actually left. However, we really enjoyed the city. It’s quite big and with the university it is also home to a few international students. There are many pubs and restaurants near the harbor and you can get fresh fish everywhere. Rostock is also very close to Warnemünde, one of the most popular beaches of the baltic sea in Germany.

Rostock city center Rostock Harbour Warnemünde Beach near Rostock Lighthouse in Warnemünde Beach near Rostock Beach Chairs in Warnemünde Beach near Rostock

Stralsund: Gateway to Rügen Island

In order to get to Rügen (northern German island) you need to pass through Stralsund and the city is well worth a stop. The old city is a UNESO World Heritage Site and very beautiful especially in the golden light at the setting of the sun. Many beautiful small houses are next to each other and at the harbour you’ll find massive and old warehouses that have been renovated and now host restaurants, museums or other things…

Stralsund during Sunset Stralsund during Sunset Stralsund during Sunset Stralsund during Sunset Stralsund during Sunset Reflection of church in water in stralsund Starlsund Bridge to Rügen by night long exposure

Rügen: Berliners Escape

What do Berliners do if they can’t fly away and need a few days off, they visit Rügen! The island is the biggest of Germany and has a good rail network that is connected to the mainland and there is a highway on parts of the island. The beaches aren’t too spectacular but its a great area to learn windsurfing, kitesurfing or for biking. The island is very flat and green, perfect for a day trip by bike. You can rent those anywhere on the island!

Relaxing by the beach in Rügen

Lübeck: The hanseatic city

The second largest city in Schlesweig-Holstein in Germany and famous for its beautiful old city, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It’s located near the baltic sea and only an hour away from Hamburg. Perfect location for holidays if you like the mix between relaxing at the beach, nature and having a big city close by. The fresh fish is also very delicious.  

 And now you: Ever been to any of the cities we visited? How did you like them?

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