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Visiting the highest building of Turkey – Sapphire Istanbul, Turkey

In early November I visited Istanbul with two friends. We were hosted by a very good friend of mine who I met during a conference in Germany couple of years ago. We meet regularly on different business conferences and I finally was able to fulfill my promise of coming to Istanbul and visiting him. He had a great apartment, on one of the hills, which was overlooking the city.

On the last day of our stay he took us to the tallest building of Turkey where we stood at 238 meters on the 54th floor overlooking the city.

Great view over Istanbul

From the top of the building you have an incredible view over Istanbul. We were very lucky of having picked a great and sunny day with not many clouds. Luckily we had time to enjoy the sunset and once the sun was set and the light were on it was even more special. Cities often look much better at night than during the day when looking from the top.

I stood on top of the building for at least an hour and tried to get the perfect picture while enjoying the view! They also have a 4D helicopter ride on the top floor which flies you around Istanbul. It was included in the prize and therefore we decided to give it a try. It’s not necessarily worth queuing up for it but a funny experience. The view is already worth enough to buy a ticket for 15 Turkish Lira (approx 7 €)

The building also has a big mall, which we didn’t visit but I heard that it offers a lot in any price segment and has something for everybody!

Have you ever visited the Sapphire Istanbul Tower? If not, would you visit it?


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8 comments on “Visiting the highest building of Turkey – Sapphire Istanbul, Turkey

  1. Becky on

    I am dying to go there! I just recently read a great travel memoir that has me itching to travel the world…”Drifting on a Headwind” by Jim Harlan! I can’t wait to go to Istanbul- from your pics I can tell that it is a beautiful city!