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Scandinavia Travel: Adventures in Sweden and Finland!

Thousands of lakes, endless forests, wild animals and simply stunning nature. This is what Scandinavia is about!

In August I’m heading up north in Europe and will be visiting two countries that I’ve visited a few times already but will get to know them from a different perspective: Finland and Sweden!

August is going to be an adventurous month and I can’t wait to get wet and dirty in the beautiful Dalsland Area in Western Sweden and in the great Saimaa region in south east Finland.

Adventure Ambassador for Western Sweden

Yes, you read that right. I’m the new adventure ambassador for Western Sweden and will be traveling into Gothenburg and head into the Dalsland Area to truly explore Western Sweden.

The best part about it, you can decide what I will do there. I only have one thing on my agenda that I already wanted to do last year and postponed to this year: The Dalsland Canoe Marathon!

The Dalsland Canoe Marathon

The Canoe Marathon is an annual race that will take me 55 kilometers traversing four of the many lakes of the Dalsland area with water so pure I should be able to drink it. I already wanted to take part last year and postponed it but this year it’s going to take place. The Dalsland Canoe Marathon is held every second week in August.

From what I know I will be paddling through the Laxsjön (The Samlon Lake), Svärdlång (Lake Long Sword), Västra Silen and last but not least I will pass Lelång.

All these lake names won’t tell you much, as they do to me, however, from what I know the second lake, Svärdlång, is so narrow that I will always paddle close to shore and the chances are very high to see moose, elks or deers living in the forest. I really hope I get to see some of them!

Vote for me in Western Sweden!

The Canoe Marathon is already awesome and I have two more thing to do on my 5 days trip to Western Sweden but I need you for this. The awesome people from the Tourism Authority of Gothenburg and Western Sweden allowed me to let you decide what I will do when I’m visiting their beautiful region!

Horseback riding or Hiking in Western Sweden?

One of the things you can let me do is either go hiking by myself or let me go horseback riding in Dalsland!

I don’t want to say too much about this and influence your decision but let me say that I was a very passionate rider when I was younger and haven’t really been on a horse for many years!


Feeding Moose or Zip Lining?

The second thing you can choose me doing is either feeding the moose (wild?) or zip lining the forests of Dalsland. I recently went zip lining in Slovenia and loved it but I’m sure feeding (wild?) moose is also an adventure!

Outdoor Adventure in Finland

I also can’t wait to fly back into Helsinki and visit the Saimaa region in south eastern Finland. Saimaa is the largest lake of Finland and I will go trekking, fishing and kayaking in the pristine lakes of Finland.

I will be fishing my owns dinners, hopefully see the gravely endangered Saimaa ringed seal in its natural habitat, go hiking up the hill Neitvuori, one of the highest peaks of southern Savonia and kayaking the beautiful lakes in the area.

Of course one of the many highlights on this trip will be the (hopefully daily) Finnish Sauna. I hope to find a few cottages by the lake where I can afterwards jump into the fresh water of the lake.

It’s going to be tough!

This is going to be a though month. I’ve been training a little bit my upper body and been doing a few push ups a day in order to strengthen my arms etc but I already see myself with cramps and super exhausted while kayaking and canoeing the lakes of scandinavia. However, I really look forward to this month and luckily I won’t do everything alone. I will have awesome company like my fellow travel bloggers Marco and DJ!

Sebastian Canaves
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