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Seiser Alm in Süd Tirol: A Dream Destination For Amateur Winter Sport Junkies

Have you decided where to go skiing or snowboarding this year already? If you follow me on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter you might know that I just returned the Seiser Alm in Sud Tirol. This place is simply incredible and has the perfect ski conditions for amateur, intermediate and also professional winter enthusiasts.

A few weeks ago I went skiing for the first time, after a terrible accident five years ago, at the Stubaier Glacier near Innsbruck in Austria. I noticed that I still knew how to ski, so this time I took it to the next level.

The slopes at Seiser Alm in Süd Tirol are huge and to our luck they were nearly empty. I’ve been told that they often are and that this area is not so crowded as others in the Alps, which makes it the perfect place for anybody. Cos who really likes to ski in a place where you barely have space?!

60 kilometers of fun and a long snow park

The Seiser Alm in Süd Tirol has more than 60 kilometers of slopes to test. About 18 slopes for beginners, 40 for advanced and even professionals get to drive 2 kilometers on black slopes. And if that isn’t enough the 1500 meters long snow park will trigger the adrenaline in your body!

skiing at seiser alm italy

Perfect conditions for a skiing adventure at Seiser Alm

When I was at Seiser Alm in Süd Tirol, we had the perfect conditions for skiing. Clear blue sky, the sun was shining and it was just under zero degrees. Since you move a lot, or at least you should, while skiing, your body heats up quickly and even if minus 3 to 4 degrees sounds a lot you won’t really feel this cold.

Incredible views all around

Bench at Seiser Alm in Italy

The funny thing was, that when I first arrived from Bozen with the bus, I could have never imagined such a winter wonderland. When you are standing at the gondola station in the valley and look up you don’t see anything. We didn’t even see snow. The thought of having a terrible weekend with barely snow struck me for a second. Instead, the opposite happened. I had a fantastic weekend, with great skiing conditions and an amazing view. Our hotel, the Diabita Alm, a small hut that is run by a small and incredibly friendly team had an incredible view over the valley and also the chef of this place was extraordinary. He prepared delicious dinners for the 20 guests staying in the hut every evening!

Have you ever been at Seiser Alm or somewhere in South Tirol? I’m looking forward to your opinion in the comments below!

Big thanks to the Seiser Alm Tourism for bing such great hosts!

Sebastian Canaves
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