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Soča Valley Travel Guide: 7 Adventurous Things To Do In The Soca Valley in Slovenia

I’m sitting at the airport in Slovenia and waiting for my flight out of this magnificent country and the Soca Valley. Over the last few days I got to experience what I think is one of the best adventure destinations in Europe: The Soca Valley in Slovenia!

I came here to attend the Soca Outdoor Festival, an outdoor festival that took place for the second time this year in the Soca Valley in the tows of Tolmin and Kobarid. Two really small towns that are right in the epicenter of awesomeness. Awesomeness, because in my opinion this is one of the prime destinations for adventure travels in Europe.

There are so many things to do, that just picking 7 things is a little difficult but here are some of the highlight you can do in this incredible area.

7 Things To Do In The Soča Valley in Slovenia:

1. White Water Rafting in Soca Valley

I didn’t manage to do this because my flight was delayed on my way into the country but I’ve seen others do it and talked to people that went to Slovenia for White Water Rafting and the sparkle in their eyes when telling their stories of the wild waters of the emerald blue Soca River convinced me that this must be an awesome experience here in Slovenia and that I have to come back for more!

The waters of the rivers here are just incredible. I’ve only seen this on paradise like island in the Southern Sea. The waters of this river are throughout the country emerald blue! 

2. Zip Lining in the Soca Valley

What’s better than seeing all these canyons than hiking? Zip Lining over them!

I did zip lining with a company in Bovec called Soca Rafting, that runs tours in the outskirts of the town and it was pretty cool. With over 40 km/h you rush over the canyons and between you and the river just lays a lot of air and a 50 to 60 meters drop! Pretty scary and awesome at the same time!

The tour, depending on the size of the people takes about one to two hours and the guides speak several languages!

3. Hiking in Soca Valley

Beginners, Intermediate or Hiking-Pros will love the Soca Valley. The views that you get at the end of each hike, no matter how difficult or easy it is, are just phenomenal! You will find hikes that are extremely easy and only go an hour up to day long hikes that will take you to the boundaries of your comfort zone but all have beautiful sights and views in common!

Soca Valley Slovenia - Tolminka Gorge in Tolmin 

The Tolminka Gorge is a must do when visiting the Soca Valley. Fee is 4 € per Person and 20 % Discount for Students!

We visited the lowest point of the Soca Valley the Tolminka Gorge, which is a an easy hour long hike in the neighborhood of Tolmin, a stunning gorge with incredible colors. We also hiked to a nearby waterfall, called Slap Kozjak,  it was a very easy hike and also just took about an hour. On really hot days you could just take a break and have a swim in the beautiful rivers of the valley and take a picknick with you!

Soca Valley Slovenia - Slap Kozjak Waterfall 

Slap Kozjak outside of Koberid is only a short hour long hike away from a nearby parking place![/caption]

4. Paragliding in the Soca Valley

During the Soca Outdoor Festival there was a paragliding competition. Hundreds of Paragliders jumped off a mountain to make it first to the valley. Pretty impressive! I’ve seen videos of them arriving at the ground with an incredible speed! It’s even cooler, when you watch it from one of the surrounding mountains when they make their way down to the valley!

Soca Valley Slovenia - Paragliding Silhouette During Sunset Paraglider over Soca Valley as seen from the terrace and garden at the organic farm of Pri Kafolu

5. Mountain biking in the Soca Valley

I think that every second Slovenien in this region owns a mountain bike, I’ve seen so many locals and foreigners biking around the hills around Tolmin and Kobarid, that it seems that it’s a great location to do this!

I watched the finals of the Soca Outdoor Festival Mountainbike competition and those guys are some serious pros! Absolutely amazing to see how they dominate their bikes!

6. Climbing & Bouldering in the Soca Valley

Climbing is a very popular sport in Slovenia and they have some incredible climbing spots. Since a few years, they’ve also started to find some great boulder spots. They don’t have official tours for it but I met Gregor a very passionate climber, who took me on an unofficial tour around Kobarid and showed me some seriously off the beaten path places to do boulder. He and some friends, just found these places about two years ago and only a handful of people know about them. If you are interested, 

Soca Valley Slovenia Climbing Boulder Adventure 
I’m trying Boulder for the first time!

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