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Sponsored Post: Getting around London with Taxis

London is a large city with a well-developed transport system. It is world-famous for its red double decker buses and black cabs which have become a London icon. You cannot fail to notice them walking around one of the most beautiful European capitals.

You will also notice that there are two types of taxis in London. Besides black cabs there are also minicabs in London.

Black cabs

The design of iconic black cabs remains the same till the present days. But now they can come in colors other than the traditional black.

You can absolutely rely on the driver of such a cab, because they all have to pass an exam to prove their knowledge of the city and the ability to take passengers anywhere in London. There is rarely a location that they don’t know how to get to.

Black cabs are known for providing one of the best taxi services in the whole world. They operate 24 hours a day and to catch one you simply need to put out your hand. If the yellow light on top of the car is on it means it is free and is ready to give you a ride. The black cabs are the only service that is licensed to pick up passengers on the street without pre-booking.

If you do need to book one, dial 0871 871 8710 – London Black Cabs.

Mini cabs

With mini cabs it is a little bit different. They must be booked in advance. Do not catch a mini cab on the street, because the drivers may be untrained and unreliable. It is actually illegal and you can simply put yourself in danger. Either take a black cab or pre-order a mini cab.

Avoid taxis that wait for the passengers near the airports. They usually charge twice. If you want somebody to pick you up from the airport it is better to pre-book a taxi in advance. Make sure the driver can confirm your destination before you get in the car. If you want to double check, ask for the driver’s photo ID.


  • The cost of a single ride is defined through a metering system displayed on the front panel of the cab
  • Traffic is calculated according to the distance you’ve travelled. If the speed of the taxi drops to 16 kilometers per hour then the traffic is calculated per minute.
  • For telephone booking and journey during New Year and Christmas you will be charged extra.
  • Tips are not compulsory but very often drivers expect it. If you do want to tip your driver 10-15 percent of the total sum will do.




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