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Sponsored Post: Subway stations worth getting off the train for

Usually underground stations are either the beginning of the journey or its end. But the stations I am referring to are the destinations themselves and worth getting off the train just to explore them.

  1. T-Centralen, Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm’s underground is known for being the world’s longest art gallery with almost all stations displaying different kinds of artworks. Swedish people call it tunnelbana. Thanks to its natural shape Stockholm’s metro resembles a cave with a lot of concourses and arches. The heart of Swedish underground system is a T-Centralen station also resembling a big cave. Its arches are painted by Finnish artist Per Olaf Utvedt in white and blue colors. It is the station where all three lines in the underground system meet. It is the most used station of the city metro and has connections with other means of transport such as buses and taxis in Stockholm.

2. Universidad de Chile, Santiago, Chile

The station will make you feel like you just stepped inside a Renaissance church. Its walls tell the history of Chile in soviet and art deco style. It is presented in a grand heroic style without missing out the fear, torture and the pain of Chile’s past. It retains its own powerful spirit and can’t be compared to any other underground station in the world. Going off the train on Universidad de Chile is definitely worth it.

3. Burjuman, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai is a modern and innovative city so is its underground. It is represented by seashells with whimsical decorations and modernist curves combined with the elements of a traditional architecture. It feels like you are swimming your way through the stations. Burjuman is definitely is the brightest one with jellyfish chandeliers and blue light.

4. Hollywood/Vine, Los Angeles, USA

Hollywood station is extremely popular among tourists willing to take pictures with the stars on the Hollywood walk of Fame. Everything in the station reminds a classic movie theater. Everything is designed in the movie concept with the vaulted ceilings, notes “Hooray for Hollywood”, displays of projectors, cameras, movie-theatre elevators and Yellow Brick Road Paving. Everything there makes you feel like a movie star. On their way to Hollywood, the Walk of Fame and Universal Studios tourists usually start taking pictures right in the underground with the fake palm trees.

5. Baker Street, London, England


Baker Street is the iconic name of the street where world famous character Sherlock Holmes lived in Arthur Conan Doyle’s detective novels. It serves five lines and is a pretty busy station. It helps tourists get to such famous attractions as Regent’s Park and Madame Tussauds Museum. It is decorated with the detective’s pipe-smoking silhouette and is one of the oldest stations in the London Tube which has survived unlike many others.



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3 comments on “Sponsored Post: Subway stations worth getting off the train for

  1. Sonja on

    Unfortunately most of Baker street’s legendary Sherlock tiles were removed 🙁 leaving only couple of 1sqm blocks showing the original tiles. Luckily those 2 heads from your picture are still there!