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Road trip through Springbrook National Park

Right at the boarder between New South Wales and Queensland and 90 kms south of Brisbane you will find the beautiful Springbrook National Park. The National Park is part of the World Heritage Site of Gondawana Rainforest of Australia.

Natural Bridge

One of the most famous and most photographed landmarks of the national park is the Natural Bridge, a cave, which was naturally formed beneath a waterfall and created a pothole on the top. Today the river flows through the cave.

At a sunny and bright day you will have a beautiful view out here and will be able to take amazing photos with a long shutter speed. The site is yet not that popular even though the numbers of visitors are increasing. It is a popular destination for family travel since it is so diverse and kids can run around easily without running the danger of getting lost.

If you come here late during the day and experience the sunset you will also see many glowworms flying around. The cave is home to a colony of glowworms. If you are afraid of hiking through the rainforest at night, there are some tour operators who offer some supervised tours.

Swimming in the cave is no longer allowed since it affected the population of the glowworms. But for those looking for a little refreshment you can access the river a little bit downstream.

Springbrook Plateau

Couple kilometers away from the Natural Bridge you will find a viewpoint from where you can look over the Springbrook Plateau and from where you will be able to see the 30 kms away coast and the pacific ocean, an incredible view on sunny and clear days and mystical on cloudy and rainy days. It is always worth a visit!

How to get to the Springbrook National Park

A beautiful drive from wherever you come is by taking the Nerang-Murwillumbah Road which takes you from New South Wales to Queensland through the hinterland of Tweed Heads. Drive all the way through the National Park on the State Route 97 and leave the Park in the north via Surfers Paradise. This way you get a good drive and will see a little bit of everything. Very spectacular!

 Have you visited this part of Australia? What was your impression? Was it worth all the driving?

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