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Is there anything you are afraid of? I’m sure there is. Everybody fears something! Now you could keep living with your fears and pretend they aren’t there and do something else to forget about them, or you could be the clever one and face your fears and do something about it.


My story about facing my fears!

When I started to become a full time and professional blogger and quit my job as a full time marketing consultant I was fucking scared. I was full of fears. What if I fail? What if I don’t make any money? What if nobody wants to work with me? What if I totally screw up and end up being without work at all? I had so many fears when I started. Until the day I started to become a professional blogger I was doing well, I had a family supporting me and I had a great job that I didn’t hate. I actually was happy with it but it didn’t make me 100 % happy, so I decided to change something! To make things worse/better I met a fisherman at Tonsai Beach in Thailand who after some small talk told me:

“If you are really passionate about something, success will come from alone”

Now, this didn’t help me much. Because other questions arose from this sentence: What if I’m not passionate enough?  What if I loose interest in my new job after a few weeks?  What if… STOP. After a few days of thinking and banging my head against every single “What If…” I decided to stop. I decided to stop worrying and start doing. Because this is how you are facing your fears by acting and doing something against them. It’s about changing the way you think, not the way you feel!

What are you afraid of? 

Are you afraid of traveling alone? Are you afraid of failure? Are you afraid of changes? You might even be afraid of all three things or many others but they shouldn’t hold you back from following your dreams. There is a saying that goes:

Stop being afraid of what could go wrong and start being positive about what could go right!

Instead of being afraid of things, start being more adventurous. But you aren’t stupid; you know that a good adventure also needs a little bit of fear. But you are only adventurous if you are willing to face your fears in spite of how they make you feel. Do you often have a pounding heart, faster breathing and muscles tensing? That feeling of fear is enabling you, not holding you back!

5 Ways How To Face Your Fears!

Own your fears!

They are there. Accept them! Be assured that you aren’t the only one. There are many others that feel the same. Find them and share your thoughts with them. This is the first step to feel more comfortable with yourself and your fears. This is what I did, I accepted my worries and fears and talked to other people that went through the same things when they started. Many people faced the same things but eventually also just started acting!

Be aware of your past success and the worries you had

Remember, it wasn’t all bad in the past. You’ve already had a lot of success. Your fear of failing in the future is so big that you forget the good days in the past. The days where you rocked things and didn’t worry about anything, remember when you were scared of falling of the bike? You still managed to learn how to ride it!

Learn from others

Watch out and learn from others. You are so afraid of failing that it holds you back of succeeding. Steve Jobs, Richard Branson and many others succeeded with almost nobody backing them up.

Stand up again

There is nothing wrong about failure. Failure often is the stepping-stone for success! Many famous people failed first just to succeed in the second attempt. I already mentioned them but Steve Jobs and Richard Branson first failed university before being super successful in their jobs. I failed in previous business (ad)ventures before succeeding with Conni at Transit Media and Blog Camp.

Make your job your life and your life an awesome adventure!

What is the difference between the average joe and all those successful actors, CEOs and entrepreneurs out there? Their jobs became their life. They don’t make a difference between what their job is and what private time is. They identify themselves with their jobs and this is why they never work a day in their life and are so successful instead. Find something that makes you happy. At the end, that old fisherman in Thailand was right:

“If you are really passionate about something success will come from alone!”


Do you face your fears?

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