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Sydney Off The Path: 6 Things to do in Sydney besides Opera House and Harbour Bridge


I’ve been to Sydney many times already, but mostly just for a quick stopover or for a couple of days. Now in April I stayed for over a week and had enough time to fully explore the city! Of course I already visited Sydney’s well known icons, the Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge before, but now it was time to discover other parts in Sydney’s CBD and some of the city’s local areas.

As you might know I am not a big fan of actual travel guides and books, and always look online what to to and see in a new city. I read a lot of other travel blogs and I also use social media networks to get inspired such as Instagram or even Facebook. But since a while now, I am also using Trover is a really cool app and feels like a mixture of Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest, and the handling is super easy and intuitiv. And the best: it really only focuses on travelling! For me it kind of is the perfekt place to get personal travel tips and some really great travel inspiration.

This time the team from Trover challenged me as a travel blogger to put together a full one day itinerary for Sydney based on suggestions and inspiration I found on Trover. And of course I was up for this challenge! So I logged into my trover account, typed “Sydney” into the search bar and started to add beautiful places into my “Sydney Itinerary” list – pretty easy! I was already following my favourite travel bloggers and other accounts I really liked on trover so I got a lot of great tips ideas for my itinerary.

As me and my girlfriend wanted to see some of Sydney’s well-known places but also experience some of the city’s local area, this is what our itinerary look liked in the end:

1. Hyde Park

Since we first stayed at the Vibe Hotel in Darlinghurst, Hyde Park was literally just a two minutes walk and we started our day with a beautiful walk across this big green space in the middle of the city. It reminds me a little of New York’s central park while looking at all the penthouses that surround the park.

Right in the middle of Hyde Park is a little fountain with a guy holding the horns of a bull. When I saw the photo on trover I wanted to see this park by myself. We spent about an hour in the park walking up and down and relaxing on the green while watching other people pass. I really loved it!

2. Queen Victoria Building


Later that day we met up with a good old friend of mine that used to run the travel blog and after having lunch with him at an amazing Chinese restaurant called The Eight, we walked by Queen Victoria Building. I remembered seeing a picture of this building on trover before and I was happy that we accidentally passed it! The Queen Victoria Building is really stunning. It’s an old victorian building right in the CBD of Sydney with a lot of architecture including its amazing dome inside.

I had to get that shot!


3. Darling Harbour


Just 10 minutes walk from the Queen Victoria Building is Darling Harbour which I prefer over circular quay. Of course the Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge are amazing but I really love to look at the skyline of a city and you can do this perfectly from Darling Harbour. This is actually also the place where we walked back to later in the evening to have a drink!


4. Botanical Gardens


When I’m new to a city I easily walk up to 20 kilometres in a day and therefore I just loved crossing the CBD to the botanical gardens and take a break in the green with all the wild cockatoos flying around. In Germany we have pigeons, how cool is it to have cockatoos flying around in your backyard?!


5. NSW Library


Whenever I visit a town I spend some time in it’s library to get some work done, and I kind of started liking libraries a lot. Especially in Australia because they offer free wifi and a quiet and free workspace. The NSW Library was the best I had in 6 weeks traveling around the country. Just have a look at it, these big walls full of books are so cool!


6. Surry Hills

Ash, my blogger friend, told me that one of the best coffee places was in Surry Hills called Single Origin. As a coffee addict I had to go and try. I really liked Surry Hills, a neighbourhood that isn’t exactly in the CBD of Sydney but very close by with amazing views over the city. We walked through the neighbourhood during golden hour. An amazing place to enjoy the last hours of sunlight!

It’s amazing how much you can do and see in only one day! We’ve went from Sydney’s busy CBD, to its relaxing gardens all the way to fill ourself with great coffee in Surry Hills. And I loved using trover to get ideas for this trip. I think I will use it more often now, as it so easy to use and you get some great personal recommendations from it!

How do you get inspired for your travels? Do you use trover as well?

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6 comments on “Sydney Off The Path: 6 Things to do in Sydney besides Opera House and Harbour Bridge

  1. Megan Hogarth (@PegsontheLine) on

    I love Trover, but I think it’s led you astray here. I was sitting next to a Sydney-sider when I read this and they said ”Yep to Surry Hills, no to the rest”. Head to the North Shore (Manly if you must, but the coastal walk along to Freshwater, Curl Curl and Dee Why is brilliant) or check out suburbs like Newtown, Alexandria and Glebe. Also, if you’re still about, Vivid starts on May 22. It’s amazing!

  2. David on

    It’s funny how travelers just go to the basic tourist places! For us we loved the night walk of the rocks in Sydney. That’s something worth checking out.

  3. David on

    As a former Sydney local, there is nothing that is better than doing the Bondi to Coogee walk. If you are there during summer, you can take a swim at the famous Icebergs pool, overlooking bondi beach (which is where the locals go to escape the tourists! During winter, jump in the sauna at Icebergs and enjoy the perfect beach views! Thank me later.

  4. Charles Rahm on

    I agree with former posters, that these places are not that much off the path I’m afraid. But they’re enjoyable. Having a different taste than you, it seems, I couldn’t resist making pictures of the toilets in the Queen Victoria Building. One of the nicest restrooms I’ve ever seen.
    Will have to check out Surry Hills next time. 😉