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The Importance Of Following Your Dreams

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If you have subscribed to my newsletter you have definitely read about some points of the importance of following your dreams that I sent out on my last newsletter of 2012 two weeks ago.

The Importance Of Following Your Dreams

I have been invited to TEDxAUBG (American University in Bulgaria) to prepare a presentation about a very exciting topic because it reflects the last years in my life: “The Importance Of Following Your Dreams.” I will speak at their event in April. Today I’d like to publish the five points I’ve sent out with my newsletter two weeks ago and add a few more.

–  By following your dreams you will come to know that failure is part of the success. It isn’t always that bad and it is part of the process. You need to fall before you can stand up again!

I once got kicked out of school as a teenager. I took it as an opportunity, moved to boarding school and finished high school with honors. Before I was just an average student. 

– Living is giving. When following your dreams you definitely have a story to tell. This story will give hope and inspiration to others and this is a great contribution.

I always wanted to travel the world. I moved a lot as a kid already but I’m location independent since a couple of years. My stories and my blog inspire others to travel (hopefully you are one of them). That is why I love what I’m doing! All the feedback I get is better than any paycheck I got during the last years as a marketing consultant.

-We all know that there is a certain path society wants us to follow. It is fun proving them wrong. Why should you follow the status quo?

When I started my nomadic lifestyle, working from Australia, Thailand or wherever I was, people always told me that this can’t be right. You can’t work and travel the world. I proved them wrong. Today I have traveled to more than 50 countries and lived in 7!

– Like the universe, your dreams have no limits. You are the creator of your dreams, big or small ones. When you understand this you are able to design a way to favor your plan and accomplish your end goal.

I wanted to work as a consultant for a big marketing agency. Once I reached this I noticed that I wasn’t happy and that this wasn’t what I wanted to do in life. I finished my contract and since then I’m free dreaming big and trying to accomplish new goals. Life is about development, reaching out for the stars and growing beyond your thoughts is possible!

 – Life is too short to waste it with regrets. At the end of the line what we end up regretting are the things we didn’t get to do. So while being young, go after what you want. Pursue your dreams. It is in living your dreams that you get to know the true meaning of life.

I died in 2008 and was reborn again. After a tragic car accident in Sydney where my drink was spiked, I got robbed and hit by a car I realized that life can end any time. It must not even be your fault. Some idiot who doesn’t look out, is drunk or too tired could hit you with his car and everything your worked for is over… Ask yourself;  What have you achieved so far? What have you done until today? Have you already lived? 

It took another two years after the car hit me until I really asked myself these questions. That is why today I’m doing what I’m doing. I’m a travel blogger and freelance marketing consultant. I have clients all around the world and work online. My office is a Macbook Pro and with me I always carry my Nikon D7000! I don’t need more… My bank account tells me to get a normal job with a constant salary but my heart tells me to follow my dreams and dream even bigger and achieve even bigger goals!

When will you start to live?

These are only a few of the points I will talk in my presentation. I will publish everything here on the blog after the talk. I’m very excited about this opportunity!

Sebastian Canaves
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