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Edinburgh has so much to offer and is the perfect place for a good exercise. But not only for that, find out the things to do in Edinburgh in this detailed 48 hours article!

But first things first, what are the things to do in Edinburgh on a weekend?

I recently visited Edinburgh for a weekend and used every opportunity to see and discover all the beautiful places the city has to offer. I stayed at the Smart City Hostel which is very centrally located and offers great private rooms.

Day 1:

10 A. M. Wander around the old streets

Good Morning! It’s a lovely day and how about getting ready and wander around the high street up to the castle? Many little shops, old houses, small museums and tiny alleys invite you to get lost and the view up at the castle is rewarding in the morning!

The entrance to the castle is 16 GBP. Not sure it is worth it but you can have a look at it from the outside and enjoy the view over the high street gardens and have a sneak peak at one of your next destinations Calton Hill and Arthurs Seat! This little walk up the castle was nothing against what you are about to do in the next 46 hours!

11:45 A.M. Stop and rub Bobby’s nose

They say that when you stop at Kirkfires Kirkyard and rub Bobby’s nose that you will come back to Edinburgh.

Bobby is said to have sat by the grave of his owner, a former nigh watchman, for 14 years. He died in 1872 and was buried just inside the gate of Greyfriars Kirkyard, not far from John Gray’s grave.

A year later a statue and fountain were erected at the southern end of the George IV Bridge to commemorate him.

12 P.M. Lunch at Elephant and Bagels

Mainly students come to this tiny place that, as the name says, offers bagels and is full with tiny elephant statues. They have all kind of different bagels and they are all absolutely delicious and fairly priced!

1 P.M. Coffee at Brew Lab

Not that I’ve tried all coffee places in Edinburgh but I’ve spent the weekend with many expats and locals and they all confirmed that Brew Lab at Southern College Street has the best coffee in town. So after a nice bagel wander over to this little café and enjoy a good flat white, cappuccino or whatever you are fancy. Maybe you still have some space left and try one of their delicious Humingbird cakes too.

2 P.M. Hike up Arthurs Seat

After a good and light lunch and a great coffee you are probably full of energy. It is time to the most exhausting part of your weekend: Hike up Arthurs Seat!

Arthurs Seat is the hill that is just outside the city center. I can promise you that it is worth every step that you will make up there. The view from up there is just extraordinary. It only takes 30-45 minutes to the top and you will be rewarded with incredible views.

If you don’t feel that fit (you don’t really need to be fit to go up there, take your time) you can alternatively also go up to the crags, which is the lower hill on the way up to Arthurs Seat. It shouldn’t take you longer than 10 – 15 minutes up there.

5:30 P.M. Stroll around

It’s an awful time. You are tired after Arthurs Seat but it’s too early to actually have dinner and too early to sit down and have a few drinks already. Stroll around the city a little bit and slowly make your way down to “The Doctors”

7 P.M. Dinner at “The Doctors” Pub

The Doctors pub is a traditional British pub with great and fresh pub food and some great cask ales.

It has a great atmosphere and it is very centrally located.

9 P.M. Pub crawl at the high mile

You like live music? Make your way back to the High Mile where you will find many pubs with live music. Take it easy, you have a big day ahead tomorrow 😉

Day 2:

If you are like me, you didn’t really listen and had a few drinks too much. Let’s take it easy then and start the day slowly. How about a croissant and a cappuccino? Sounds good? Let’s go!

10 A.M. Breakfast at Patisserie Valerie

I kind of like this chain. You can find patisserie Valerie all over the UK and they have great croissants and cappuccinos, the perfect way to start the day.

11 A.M. Calton Hill

How are you feeling? Feel like walking up a few steps? Not far from the Patisserie Valerie you will find Calton Hill.

Calton Hill is the headquarters of the Scottish Government. The hill also includes several iconic monuments and buildings and offers scenic views over the city, the castle and Arthurs Seat.

1 P.M. Stroll through the gardens

Before we go to tea time, let’s take a walk through the gardens of the city. When you leave Calton Hill you need to walk down on Princess Street and will quickly find the Princess Street Gardens on your left. Take a stroll through the gardens and enjoy the view up to the castle. Sit down on one of the many benches and watch the people passing by.

Take a break and enjoy being in a different city and look at the people. Are they different from where you are from? Are they happier or sadder? Why do you think this is the case? Personally I love doing this, philosophy why things are like they are.

Look at the time, time is flying!

2:30 P.M. Grassmarket is waiting!

Let’s walk around the castle and go to Grassmarket. Sometimes you are lucky and the street market in on where you can try all sorts of food from Britain and from around the world. It’s a delight!

4 P.M. Tea Time!

It’s this time of the day again. Get ready to walk a little bit. We need to walk all the way to London Street at the northern part of the city. Casa Angelina has a great afternoon tea for 15 GBP per Person.

Casa Angelina is a vintage tea room with a great selection of cakes, scones and savouries.

Make sure to call before to reserve a table: +44 131 558 1002

6 P.M. Roll home or take a cab

After tea time you are probably that full that you will roll home or take a cab to your hotel or hostel and don’t want to move for a few hours!

I absolutely loved Edinburgh. It’s old buildings, the little alleys, the small shops, the friendly people, the green parks, Arthurs Seat and Calton Hill. Just incredible!

Tip: Come here for Hogmanay at the end of the year!

I will be back. I rubbed bobby’s nose! Have you been in Edinburgh? What have you done and what was your favourite thing to do in Edinburgh?

Sebastian Canaves
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