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Things To Do In Oslo On A Weekend
City trips are becoming more popular and after my time in the wilderness of Northern Norway I decided to spend another few days in Oslo. Luckily my friend Megan had some time at night and showed me a bit around and told me what to do during my time there!

Oslo in Winter

5 Things To Do In Oslo On A Weekend:

1. Go For A Walk Along The Shore

Since Oslo is located right at the Oslo Fjord it has a beautiful waterside where you can walk for hours. If you start at the eastern side of the city near the Opera House you can easily walk for an hour or two along the water to the Aker Brygge, which is at the western side of the city. It doesn’t matter if it’s misty or sunny, the walk is beautiful at any time of the year but of course a bit more enjoyable during summer when everybody is outside enjoying the sun.

2. Visit the many Museums

Get yourself an Oslo Pass where you get free entrance to many museums in the city. This year it’s the year of the scream. The Scream is one of the most famous paintings of the Norwegian artist Edvard Munch, therefore make sure that you visit the place. But there are also many other Museums that are worth your time! Especially on a cloudy and rainy day this is a great alternative!

3. Visit the Opera House

Oslo Opera House

Lying right at the central train station and above the water, the Oslo Opera House is a beautiful architectural masterpiece. It looks like a floating iceberg and as a guest you often have access to all areas unless a politician is coming for a visit. You also have a nice view from the opera house and it also has a delicious restaurant.

4. Escape The City: Frognerseteren and Holmenkollen

Holmenkollen is known for the Ski Jump Tower but besides this attraction it is located outside the city and next to nature. From here you have great opportunities to go for a walk in the forest and leave the city stress behind. Many locals come here on the weekends to escape the city life for a few hours and to be in nature with their kids. For Norwegians nature is very important and therefore you will find Frognerseteren and Holmenkollen to be very popular.

5. Get To See Oslo From The Water

Oslo Harbor

Take one of the many ferries from the harbor and cruise around the Oslo Fjord and get to see Oslo from another perspective. You can take the service 92/93 which takes you around the city over the water and you can see how everything is controlled by the water in this great city. If these aren’t enough reasons to visit Oslo yet, maybe this short time-lapse will convince you:

Have you ever been to Oslo? How was it? Looking forward to your opinion in the comments below!

Disclaimer: Thanks to VisitOslo for providing the Oslo Pass. It’s a great way to see the city and you actually safe some $$$. The thoughts and opinions are of course mine but you should know this anyways!
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