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Did I find paradise? Ton Sai Beach, Thailand

For the ones of you who liked and follow me on Facebook, you know that it was a crazy week when I was in southern Thailand! Next to being a travel blogger I currently work as a marketing consultant in Bangkok. One of my jobs was in Krabi where we were doing a video and photo shoot for a resort. On the last day we luckily had a day off and some of the crew decided to take one of the long tail boats and check out famous Railey Beach.

Spontaneous change of plans: Long Tail Boat to Tonsai Beach!

Update: Many of you have asked where I stay when I visit Tonsai Beach. I always stay at the Tonsai Bay Resort, a cheap, clean and safe place right by the beach. It’s great!

Right before arriving at Railey Beach one of the crew mentioned that Tonsai beach was better and less crowded and we immediately changed plans. Luckily!!

We arrived at a quiet beach with some bars and restaurants and walked over to one of these hippie bars where we enjoyed a nice cold beer!!! We then just sat there and enjoyed the beautiful weather, the blue water and the hot sun!

The wind hitting our faces every now and then cooled us off when the sun was getting too hot and a laid back Thai served us ice-cold beer and fresh coffee. The travelers we met there were some of the most relaxed people I met since a long time. Of course half of them were stoned, but it didn’t matter… I just enjoyed the situation after 5 long days of shooting!

Is Leonadro Dicaprio going to wake me up?

The long tail boats at the beach added an additional flair to the whole situation. Suddenly I felt like in one of these movies filmed here in Thailand. Maybe a stoned Leonardo Dicaprio would jump out of the bush behind me and telling me to wake up… but it didn’t happen, I was actually there and tried to enjoy it to the fullest!

We only stayed for a couple of hours but I know that I will go back and stay longer to fully enjoy the beauty of this place!

If you are looking for accommodation stay at the Tonsay Bay Resort!

Did you find your own little paradise somewhere? I would love to read your opinion in the comment section below!

Ton Sai Beach - Long Tail Boat

Ton Sai Beach - Long Tail Boat

Ton Sai Beach - Long Tail Boat

Ton Sai Beach, Thailand

Ton Sai Beach - Long Tail Boat

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36 comments on “Did I find paradise? Ton Sai Beach, Thailand

  1. Jack on

    Thank you so much for sharing this!!! I heard many things about this beach and the way you wrote it is great!! I can imagine how beautiful it must have been!

    I will have to book a flight to Krabi now and check out this place. It’s time to leave the big city and a relaxed place is the perfect destination right now!

    • seba on

      Going by boat and having the sun shining on your skin and the wind blowing through your hair while passing all the little islands on the way to this beach is absolutely amazing!

  2. @ryoawesome on

    i stayed for a whole month in thailand and never once spent any day of it down south where the beaches are. the pics are great, the place too i bet! my own little paradise of a beach though is in coron, palawan, philippines. little coves and snippets of sands after a wall of limestone. the best part about this place? not a lot of international tourists have found it yet! don’t you just love an almost deserted beach?

  3. Stephanie - The Travel Chica on

    There are a lot of paradises in the world, and I think this definitely qualifies as one of them.

  4. Anthonee on

    It’s a beautiful area of Krabi for sure. You should stay next time and get urself a beach hut for a few hundred baht and chill. when the suns out, the sky is blue its frickin stunning!! One of the best beaches i have seen.

    Also.. check out the lagoon there. Ill be posting a story with pics soon!

    • seba on

      I will definitely go back Anthonee! Unfortunately, last time I was there for work and had not enough time… next time I’m going for leisure!

  5. Mark on

    The pics look amazing – thanks for posting. I spent a New Year on Railey Beach about 15 years ago before it got developed – a magical time – and I will check out Ton Sai. Maybe it will have some of that original atmosphere.

  6. raph on

    I was just there last week. Amazing experience, the drinks, the hippies, the scenery, the partying. However I have to say that in terms of the beach, Railay beach west is nicer. Railay is just a 15 min walk from Tonsai so you can experience both in the same day.

  7. Zara @ Backpack ME on

    I’ve found my little paradise in several places by now… that’s the “problem”: if I had found one only maybe I coud move there but as there are many places, I need to keep on exploring! 😉
    Favs: Koh Samui in Thailand, Samara in Costa Rica and, above all, South Goa – Palolem.

  8. Koren @ City Gal on

    I was just in Thailand and spent some time at Tonsai Beach. It was pouring so I couldn’t really appreciate it, but I was able to take a long tail around Phi Phi Leh and the view of Tonsai from Phi Phi viewpoint was beautiful! Not sure why Phi Phi gets such a bad name!

    • sebastian on

      Hey Koren,

      I think we are talking about two different Ton Sai… You mean the beach in Phi Phi. I mean the beach on the mainland between Ao Nang (Krabi) and Railay Beach!!

      I think Phi Phi has a bad name because it is too crowded and the main town is build without an actual plan. The system behind the street don’t make sense and it is a far too touristy place!

      • Koren @ City Gal on

        You know, I am so glad you cleared that up, as it was quite late at night in NY when I was reading this (comment says 3:02am apparently – who is on the internet at 3am?) and I kept thinking to myself that beach looks so much nicer when it’s sunny out, perhaps I missed something due to the rain!! (Monsoon was in full force when I was on Phi Phi)! Only spent a day on Phi Phi before heading out, and it rained the entire time unfortunately. Made it tough to do/see anything. 😉

  9. MelanieG on

    Love many beaches..Philippines also a fav of mine, but for something completely different to tropicl splendour I love the empty black beaches around Auckland, like Piha, the stunning beaches at the Abel Tasman Park on the South Island of New Zealand, and beaches near St Ives and St Andrews in the UK for quaintness and history. True paradise though lies in a slope of untouched virgin powder snow on a beautiful you’re talking!

  10. Alistair on

    Great post, brought back some wonderful memories. I spent six weeks climbing in Ton Sai in 2005… I heard some awful rumours it had been developed and was now a miserable tourist trap like Railay next door… But it sounds like I’m wrong – can you really still get cheap traveller digs and eat / drink well on the cheap (after a long day climbing)?

  11. Kathryn @AntiTourist on


    I just saw your post on Twitter and had to write. Tonsai holds fond memories for me as well! I myself stumbled upon the climber’s beach 4 years ago and loved hiking through the jungle, kayaking, and enjoying the green waters. And Alistair–as of 2009 you could still stay in spartan bungalows for just a few dollars a night–no mass tourism! I think it’s changing every year, though.

    Personally, though, my version of paradise is total seclusion, areas in the mountains, greenery, amazing bugs…places where no foreigner has gone before. These places definitely still exist, and my true paradise and favorite is in the mountains of Thailand, where I was just a few months ago.

    You can see my photos and stories at There are crazy views, caves, bizarre bugs, and more!

  12. Martijn on

    tonsai is really great and laidback
    you must chek out the super koffie bar behind the internet and tour office in front of the beach its a super big smile service

    i heard from some locals that ist possible that tonsai will be sold to a big company
    i hope it wont

  13. Tonsai Traveller on

    was just in Ton Sai and heard from a local shop owner that the palm tree jungle area inbetween the beach and the main strip has been bought by a bank in Bangkok