I travel alone a lot. Actually I travel solo since more than 10 years! I’ve met hundreds and thousands of people that have asked me all the same question: Sebastian, how do you cope with loneliness while traveling solo? Well, there are many ways how to beat loneliness while traveling but these are some of… Read more »

Part 1: I am following my dreams. Are you?

Today, I’m writing this post from a coworking place in Berlin, will probably edit this article in Bulgaria and if everything works out I will finally publish it next week in Spain (Trip to Spain has been canceled). In the meantime I have held a TEDx Talk at the American University in Bulgaria about exactly… Read more »

Ultimate Packing Checklist For Northern Norway

Northern Norway, the endless country above the polar circle, the country of the Sami, northern lights and raging rivers full of salmon is also known for its cold temperatures below freezing point. In order to stay warm on your adventures, whether you are dog sledding, reindeer sledding or snowmobiling there are a few things you… Read more »

The Importance Of Following Your Dreams

If you have subscribed to my newsletter you have definitely read about some points of the importance of following your dreams that I sent out on my last newsletter of 2012 two weeks ago. The Importance Of Following Your Dreams I have been invited to TEDxAUBG (American University in Bulgaria) to prepare a presentation about… Read more »