Reviewing 2012

I have canceled all travel plans for December to recharge my internal batteries and plan 2013. Therefore I decided that it was time for a review of 2012. It was a travel intensive year but did I travel more than 122.089 miles like in 2011? January I traveled around the Netherlands, Germany and Ireland. It… Read more »

How To Fund A Trip Abroad

I always say that traveling doesn’t need to be expensive. However, you need money to travel. How much you need is always different and depends on the way of traveling. You can survive with less than $1000 in some countries like in South America or South East Asia. It’s going to be difficult to travel… Read more »

How to stay connected while traveling

When traveling abroad there is the need to stay in touch with friends and family. Maybe you also have a blog like this one and need to keep this one up to date. There are different way how to stay online, whichever you choose remember that you need antivirus software. Laptop With a laptop you… Read more »

Working space for digital nomads in Bangkok

While living in Bangkok I came across a couple of nice places that are perfectly suitable for any digital nomad. Here are my top 3 pics: 1. Café Tartine Right next to the BTS station of Phloen Chit you will find this beautiful French café which offers delicious brunch possibilities, amazing sandwiches and FREE WIFI.… Read more »

Calling from abroad

  I’ve been traveling on an off for about 5 years now and traveled to over 30 countries during the last years. One of the most important things besides having Internet and my camera was having a phone and calling from abroad. There are many ways that can keep your costs low.   Prepaid local… Read more »

10 Expat Bars in Bangkok

Living and working in Bangkok as an expat is fun. It’s a big city with a population of over 8 million of which many are foreigners of western countries. Therefore there are always some expat bars in Bangkok around the corner. Many expats meet after work in one of the many of bars of the… Read more »

Review: Parking at Eindhoven Airport

Situation: You just bought yourself a very cheap flight with a Low Cost Carrier and look forward to your weekend escape. But then you arrive at the airport and see that airport parking per hour costs around 5 Euro. All of a sudden your short holiday start to exceed the budgeted costs.   Since a… Read more »