Photo of the Week: Pinnacles in Cervantes, WA

This picture was taken in the Namung National Park outside of Cervantes in Western Australia. The Pinnacles are limestone formations which were formed from seashells thousands of years ago. Underwater streams and strong winds later removed the sand and formed these formations. Best time to visit the National Park is during sunrise or sunset in… Read more »

The Humpback Whale Experience

“OH MY GOD!” that was the only thing I was able to say while this massive humpback whale lifted our Kayak outside of the bay of Byron Bay. The weather was terrible and the temperature was very low on this october weekend. We had planned this for long time as it was a birthday present… Read more »

Australian Hospitality

[quote]“The best way to experience the essence of Australia is through it’s people!”[/quote] That’s a quote I read on my flight from Perth to Sydney after I had one of the best Christmas in my life with a family I only knew for 4 days! In december 2010 I gave the european winter the cold… Read more »

10 Reasons to visit Brisbane

In 2008 I moved to Brisbane, the capital and biggest city of the state of Queensland. Back then I just finished school and didn’t know what to do and ended up in Australia. Here are some reasons why I loved living in Brisbane so much. 1. Perfect climate Brisbane has warm and humid summers and… Read more »