My Top 5 Free Activities In Auckland

When I first arrived to Auckland I was completely broke. I had just been on a 3 months trip thorough New Zealand, before I finally arrived to the city of sails. My boyfriend and I had bought a backpacker van in Christchurch. To get some cash for the trip we had worked a couple of… Read more »

Weekend Trip to the City of winds.

 New Zealand is obviously at a more remote end of the world. I once read in some statistics that Auckland is the most remote city with inhabitants over 1 million people. It takes long to get to other places and other countries. Its about a 3 hour flight to Australia and the time difference with… Read more »

Who am I, and if so how many citizenships?

Who are you and where do you come from, is a frequently asked question when meeting somebody for the first time. I come from a family with little “cultural” background. As a child my answer to the question was clear. If they asked me: “Where are you from? “The answer was simple,” I’m German, I’m… Read more »