The taste of nicaraguan freedom?

Playa El Gigante, Nicaragua Remote and unknown bay A remote town far away from any major big city and paved roads. Around 400 nicaraguans live in this town which mainly lives from fishing and farming. In the last years more and more travelers have found their way to this little jewel at the West coast… Read more »

Horse riding on Isla de Ometepe

In the Lonely Planet for Nicaragua we read that it is possible to rent horses at the Hacienda. We asked some people but you actually couldn’t do that spontaneously and that is why we asked at a shop outside of the Hacienda and ended up with two horses. Satu had the bigger one. That was… Read more »

San Juan Del Sur

While I was visiting sue at Redonda Bay in Gigante, Nicaragua I left a couple of days to see the country and other cities. As Redonda Bay is situated in the middle of nowhere I called a taxi agency in Rivas and a driver came to pick me up. Miguel was a Cuban living in… Read more »

San Juan Del Sur

[singlepic id=28 w=320 h=240 float=left]Nature is absolutely amazing at this part of Nicaragua! Here at Redonda Bay, a neighboring bay of Playa El Gigante close to Tola in the municipally of Rivas, sue is working at a retreat. Two companies are setting up their businesses here. One is Aqua Resort and Spa and the second… Read more »