Hagia Sophia, Istanbul

Istanbul, Turkey During my road trip through Eastern Europe we also spent a couple of days in Turkey. In Istanbul we’ve spent some days at a friends place who generously showed us around and told us some insider places we should definitely visit while in the city! Not an insider tip, but a very famous… Read more »

Calm down and have a Cay

They are all over the place. More spread than Minarets, than cars and sea gulls. For some, they even serve as true sights of Istanbul regardless the magnificent mosques, the Bosporus Bridge or the Maiden’s Tower. Like the Bosporus they are part of the life of 12 to 16 million citizens. And, like the amount… Read more »

Happy New Year, Istanbul.

The same decoration installed in Germany for Christmas, is set up in young and modern Turkey at the turn of the year. As I was told by my reliable source from the soup shop around the corner and as you can obviously see in the city, the arrival of Noel Baba at New Year’s Eve… Read more »