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5 reasons why you should travel with Trover

I don’t like to carry travel guides with me while traveling. Also I just make a few plans before I’m back on the road as you can’t plan everything beforehand. But it’s still nice to have information and inspiration when you need it. And that’s what Trover does! It’s like Instagram or Pinterest but geared towards travel with the Google Style mapping. It combines the best of both! It’s helpful, useful and gives you inspiration at the same time. It just combines everything I want for travel and planning. That’s why Trover became my new favourite travel app.

It’s like Pinterest but for Travel

I really like to use Pinterest for many reasons, but when it comes to travel planning it’s not that useful. Many pictures don’t have a description and it’s hard to tell where a picture is actually from. Trover is just dedicated to travel! The people who post the pictures are the ones who actually took the pictures. You get concrete information for your trip planning and inspiration.

Trover App

Useful travel information

You get pictures, inspiration plus useful details. Each picture has a description often even exact adresses and other recommendation for the area. Often there are links to blog posts with more information.

Trover App

New Zealand – See you soon!

I started to use Trover to plan my upcoming trip to New Zealand. I just had to create a list which allows me to organize my discoveries in one place. It’s like creating your own personal travel guide which is pretty cool! I created a “New Zealand – See you soon!“ list. Then I just opend the Trover App and started searching the places I plan to visit on my trip through New Zealand. I was searching for different spots and everytime a long list of discoveries appeared for me to look at. As soon as I arrive in New Zealand I just have to open my list and start visiting the discoveries I have found.

Trover App

Do you need inspiration?

Sometimes I am just lost and I don’t know where to go or what to do. Trover can help out in this situation. The app creates lists including “What’s hot“, “What’s new“ and featured lists. Trover can find top locations close to where you are. You can also click on the top countries and find some inspiration.

Trover App

Posting your discoveries

Of course I am proud of my discoveries and I want to share my travel tips and pictures too. Posting discoveries couldn’t be simpler. You just have to upload a photo, add the location, and then write some important information about your travel discovery.

Trover App



I found myself lost in more beautiful places than I thought. Trover finds your location and shows you what to see just around the corner.

It’s simple and useful at the same time – that’s how a travel app should be! Try it out for yourself, follow us and let me know if you like it!

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