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Wanderlust – Why do we seek to go abroad?

I you are a traveller like me, you may know the feeling.  That feeling that draws you to new adventures.  In English it is even explained with a German word: ‘Wanderlust:”

But what is it that makes us want to go abroad? I have got many friends who would never want to leave their home town. My grandma for example has never left Germany, in her whole life!!

I personally cannot understand why anyone would want to live in one place for their whole life?  In what way am I different? Or are the others? Have I maybe seen something that opened my eyes? What made me seeks for something different.

I think that I have mentioned this in previous columns; I’ve always been passionate about travelling, even as a child.  Nevertheless people who have never left their home country fascinate me.

I can barely imagine being at the same place, seeing the same people, eating the same food every day. Why do I get bored with all of that and others don’t?

With my friends that don’t travel I often try to open their eyes and try to explain what they are missing out on.  Often they just think that I am crazy.  Why would you want to give up the securities of living in the familiar? Well, that sounds a bit crazy doesn’t it?  Well maybe that’s the answer then.

But that seems a bit too simple. I think that wanderlust cannot be seen in black and white. On or off.


Let’s take my partner as an example. He was already 26 when he left his home country for the first time. So for the first 26 years of his life he liked the familiar. When he started travelling he started “falling in love” with the world. He never returned to his home, and still every day we make plans on where we want to travel next.

My point is that we all have the “Wanderlust” inside us. Some of us are more daring to give in to it and others don’t. Some earlier and some later.

That is why I am going to continues to trying open people’s eyes.  Dare to do the unusual, step out of their comfort zone.  Seriously, I can’t imagine anybody saying something like ” I went to New Zealand and it was awful”.


Why do we seek to go abroad-because we want to see this beautiful world!

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One comment on “Wanderlust – Why do we seek to go abroad?

  1. Angela on

    Great post and I couldn’t agree with you more. When you stay home, life is full of a dreary routine. When traveling, anything can happen, and you have a fund of stories to draw on for the rest of your life.