3 Things To Do In Northern Mallorca

Are you also thinking of doing a weekend trip to Mallorca soon? With only two hours flight time from most places in Europe, Mallorca really isn’t far away and can already do you good if you’re here for only two or three days.

As a full-time blogger, I am constantly on the move. Sometimes here, sometimes there to look at what is in and what is out. Running three other businesses can sometimes be really hard, especially if  you also have to discuss a lot with others and doing much coordination. What is a major advantage is the fact that my business partner Conni maintains the same lifestyle.

If we do not work together in Berlin, then Conni and I travel around the world. Sometimes together, sometimes separately. Recently, I was in Berlin and she in Barcelona when she told me that she had booked a short trip to Mallorca. Since I was born and raised on the island, I gave her many tips to explore Mallorca off the beaten path. After about 10 minutes I decided to book a flight to show her the island personally. The phone call was on Wednesday, the flight was on Sunday. There’s nothing like spontaneity!

3 things in the north of Mallorca off the beaten path

Pollença: Walking through the local mountains!

I grew up and went to school in Pollença. I have lived on the island for 14 years and thus this is the place where I spent the longest time in my life. After that I couldn’t remain in one place for more than three years.

In Pollença town there isn’t much to see and explore. However, make sure to check out the two local mountains.

The Calvary Mountain is in the middle of the city and can be reached via 365 steps. One step for each day of the year. On top is a small cafe, a little church like everywhere in Spain and two cool vantage points from where you have a magnificent view of the city and all the way to Puerto Pollensa and Cala Sant Vicenç.


The Puig de Maria is a bit more strenuous. The mini hike from the main road up to the monastery takes about an hour but is very easy to master. Up there is a restaurant and small shop. The view is absolutely amazing and 365 degrees around the country of Pollensa. From here you have a view to Alcudia, La Puebla and much further, and you have a great overview of the north of the island. If that is too strenuous, you can drive almost to the top and then you only have to walk for about 10 to 15 minutes!


Port de Pollença: Up to Cap de Formentor

Most people are sitting crammed in buses and stop briefly at the Mirador de Colomer. But if you have a car available, you can drive all the way up to the lookout point. This lookout point is known just by few people. You have a view, which is so much better than the view from down there where far too many people are!



Alcudia: Dinner with an unforgettable view!

The old Roman town of Alcudia offers not only a lot of history, but also has some really cool and hidden places where you can still swim and relax alone and also incredibly good restaurants where you perfectly can come to the end of the day.

One of my favorite restaurants in this area is the Restaurante Mirador de la Victoria, which you can find on the peninsula with a view of the bay of Pollensa. The food is great and the prices are a bit more expensive than in other places, but you also pay for the view.


You come here easily by car and pass several small bays where only locals enjoy their afternoon.

But I clearly recommend you to rent a car, so you can see all these places. Without a car you will not get to these places!

So what are you waiting for? A weekend on Mallorca is already sufficient to see these places.

Sebastian Canaves
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