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Dubai: The fascination of superlatives

I personally associate Dubai mostly with wealth, luxury and impressive architecture and frankly with the phrase, nothing is impossible. So, why not just take the opportunity and explore the city of superlatives at close range and figure out what to do in dubai?

Well then, let’s go!

Emirates is always worth a flight. Nice service and above all a grand entertainment program. After 4 weeks of TV and cinema abstinence, this was exactly what I needed.

40°C and a very nice guide of Arabian Oryx greeted us at the airport and took us to our beautiful hotel, the Fairmont Palm Jumeirah situated at the beginning of the palm trunk. This artificially created island is located in the Persian Gulf and extends the coastline of Dubai by about 100km.

 The Palm Jumeirah

The program was pretty tight and left little room for our own adventures. Therefore, we began the next day very early with a boat ride going around the palm, on which we lived. The view of Dubai’s skyline was breathtaking. The unusual architecture is a matter of taste but definitely intriguing. The landmark of Dubai, Burj Al Arab (“Tower of the Arabs”), particularly caught my eye. The hotel rises above the sea like a giant sail, with its nearly 321m just a bit smaller than the Eiffel Tower, which is crazy!

Dubai Skyline


The World Is Your Oyster!

Afterwards we went with a royal yacht to the exclusive Beach Club Lebanon on the World. It was proudly told that celebs like Sean Paul or Akon already hired the Club for events. The World is just like the Palm Jumeirah an artificially created island group situated in the middle of the Persian Gulf. The 270 made islands are arranged in the shape of a world map and symbolize continents and countries. A little trip to a „lebanese island“ to admire the modern skyline of Dubai with its impressive buildings, while standing on the artificially created “Lebanese” sandy beach, this only exists in Dubai.


Royal Beach Club

120 Nations in one meal?

We spent the rest of the day mostly with fantastic food. The executive chef of the Fairmont Palm spoiled us, to my great joy with a 4 course meal. You can actually taste the influence of the 120 nations that make up around 75% of the population in Dubai. Whether Arabic, Italian, French, Asian or Brazilian, the food is absolutely amazing.


Private Cook The Palm Jumeirah

The day ended with a view from the Burj Khalifa. With 828m the tallest building in the world and with 10 meters per second, it has as well the fastest elevator in the world. Arab music, light and video sequences have made the ride a real adventure. It was phenomenal.

How about some camel milk chocolate?

The next day began with a brief tour through the old city, with a side trip to the Arab spice market. The market had something mystical, oriental and especially finally a bit authentic to me. After I bought saffron and cardamom, a German-speaking salesperson persuaded me to try camel milk chocolate. I have never heard of it, but it tastes fantastic. Austria’s Martin van Almsick had the idea of ​​making chocolate from the milk of Arabic camels. In the first place only for the pampered gums of the Arab sheikh family, but fortunately now available for ordinary mortals.

In Dubai old meets new!

The comparison of the hustle and bustle at the Arab spice market with the international clientele in numerous shopping malls showed, that Western modernity meets Arabic tradition. Particularly with regards to women you can see everything from burqa to mini skirt. The luxury metropolis, which has set a target for 2020 to accommodate 20 million tourists from all over the world really wants to present itself as modern and cosmopolitan.

Impressions Market

Skiing in the Desert

Until now I already realized that Dubai is a city of Records. Tallest building, fastest elevator, artificially raised Islands, 100km extended coastline. What else can top that? Of course…, an indoor ski slope in the desert. There were now more than 40°C outside, so for me unimaginable to ski. Slippers and shorts were exchanged for hat, scarf and gloves and I trudged quite irritated to the slope. Surely this type of activity is a matter of taste and I can only speak for myself, but I think an indoor ski slope in the middle of a desert is a waste of energy and valuable resources. In my view, not necessarily a To-Do when in Dubai.

View from Burj Khalifa Spice Market International Cuisine Hotel Room with a View at The Palm Jumeirah - What to do in Dubai

An Oriental-Arabic cooking course with the senior chef of the Fairmont Palm made the end of our trip perfect. The Arabic food is simple, but sooo yummy!

Dubai- it was a pleasure! Thank you so much for the hospitality!

Now you, ever been or planning to go to Dubai? What were your impressions? Looking forward to read your opinion in the comments below!

We have been invited by DTCM – Department of Tourism and Commerce Dubai

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11 comments on “Dubai: The fascination of superlatives

  1. Alex on

    I have only flown through Dubai, but the airport was fascinating enough to make me realize I’d have to return someday for more! Looks like some great ideas on this list…

  2. Majida on

    The first time I took 2 days time out from my vacations- yes, your are reading vacations :)! it was from our way back from South Africa. We loved it. Given the convenience of the Emirate Airlines from which many Airlines of the world could learn, we often pass through Dubai.
    That first time we were there, it was a 2 days tour. We managed to see many hotsposts of this versatile beauty , bearing the fishermen’s history to skiing in the desert, a 7 star (de facto 5 star, since internationally there are no more than 5 star) hotel and luxurious luxuries. Throw in money and don’t ask for taxes and this is what you get, my boss said after his first time Dubai visit: well they did quite a good job, outdoing many other countries! We have just come back from our 4th and this time 5 day stay, this time it was a beach and sun holiday and in short- we have been to one of the most beautiful beaches so far!
    Dubai is a city of chances- whover you are! Men, women of all walkes in life and all religions and traditions and yes. you are not judged! I do hope they will maintain this!
    Yes there are downsides to Dubai as well, but then again, which country doesn’t have problems?

  3. Abby on

    I’ve wanted to go there for at least ten years. Someday! As much as I’ve read about, I still didn’t some of these things here — wow!