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What To Do In Hong Kong In 2 Days

Are you maybe planning a weekend trip to Hong Kong and asking yourself what to do in hong kong in 2 days? No matter if you are going for two days or longer, Hong Kong is definitely worth a trip and also has much more to offer than these things here. However, these were some of the best things we liked during our visit!

Quick Overview On What To Do in Hong Kong in 2 Days

Hong Kong simply is an amazing city! Though the city is part of China you can still feel Britain’s influence everywhere: everyone speaks English perfectly, you can find many Pub’s in Hong Kong Soho, tea time is as much a part of the day as in London, and you can even find Britain’s beloved Marks & Spencer as well as Pret A Manger. Yet you are surrounded by large sky scrapers, a sea of signs, thousands of people and delicious food at every corner – that’s Hong Kong!

Getting Around

Getting around in Hong Kong is fairly easy and comparably cheap to other major cities such as New York or London, and maybe even more effective.


The metro gets you quickly from A to B. But don’t be surprised by it’s endless carriages! Metro stations can be quite confusing as the are very big and most of them are connected to shopping malls. Just make sure to look at the signs! Most exits are numbered and there are maps showing you where to get out best.


On Hong Kong island you also have old trams, which can be an attraction to ride with itself. You pay at the end of the journey, when leaving the tram. Remember that you have to pay the exact amount as they don’t give out changes. The trams can also get quite crowded at rush hours and you have to stand in line when waiting for a tram to come! A nice ride is from central to the Times Square in Causeway Bay.

Star Ferry

When you are in Hong Kong, make sure to use the Star Ferry at least twice: once during day time and once at night! The ferry takes you both ways from Hong Kong Island to Kowloon Island and offers you amazing views on the city’s skyline from the water! You really shouldn’t miss out on that! Plus, the ferry is really cheap and also only takes about 10 minutes, running frequently.


Another option is to get around by cab. Just as in most other Asian cities, cabs are still quite cheap and often used by locals as well. When you’re in Hong Kong just look around the streets and you will notice that most cars on the streets are, in fact, cabs! Though its most of the time not a problem to get a cab quickly, you will find it very difficult to get a cab at rush hours as most of them are occupied.


Though the distances might look far on the map, it doesn’t take you as long to walk from Hong Kong Station to Central for example. Also walking from the ferry terminal at Kowloon to Mong Kok can be done in approximately 30 minutes, just walking up Nathan Road. And as mentioned earlier, most buildings and metro stations on Hong Kong island are connected with each other, making it easy to get from A to B even when it’s rainy outside!

What to do in Hong Kong in 2 days

Viktoria Peak & Peak Tram

Although it’s probably the most touristic thing to do in Hong Kong, don’t miss going up to Victoria Peak! You will have an amazing view on Hong Kong island, including central and Causeway Bay, and Kowloon! The best time to go up is in late afternoon, one hour before it’s getting dark. This way you’ll see Hong Kong at day and at night! And there’s nothing better than seeing the city slowly lighting up at night!

Best spot

Though many people purchase the package ticket to also go up to the Peak, the actual platform which was only build to offer a view on the city, I do not recommend going up there. The building is basically a shopping mall and on the 5th floor you have an observation deck. But only a few meters to the right of the building you have another, more Chinese looking platform, which offers you an even better view for free!

Getting up

Make sure to take the Peak Tram to get up there. It is quite an experience as it runs very steep at some points and already offers you great views. You will drive next to Hong Kong’s mid and upper-levels and even through the city’s green jungle like backyard. Nevertheless, sometimes the queue is very long and you might have to wait up to 2 hours to get up with the tram. In this case I can recommend you to take a cab, which also is affordable maybe even less pricy if you share it with 4 people.

Markets & Food in Mong Kok

A really busy area is Mong Kok in Kowloon, where you can find great restaurants and two of the most renown markets in Hong Kong! It is a really busy area, and this is where the city really lives.

Temple & Ladies Market

One market is Temple Market and the other is the Ladies Market. Both markets pretty much sell the same stuff and if you want to buy something, make sure to bargain! Most of the times you should pay up to 70 percent less of the original price offered first. It might take a while to get a proper discount, but it’s worth it and quite fun!

Seafood Market

At Temple Market you also find a lot of restaurants at the street corners, almost occupying the whole street at night when the weather is nice and warm. Make sure to sit down and eat here, they have nice foods and it’s really fun to sit outside in a crowd of people eating and enjoying life!

Dim Sum

Another food experience you shouldn’t miss is Dim Sum. Dim Sum literally means tiny thing for the heart and often included small steamed dishes, such as dumplings filled with pork or shrimps. Make sure to go there with friends and order many different dishes. This way you can do it the proper Chinese way and share the food with others to get to taste several Dim Sum dishes! I can recommend the Michelin recommended restaurant Cuisine Cuisine at the Mira Hong Kong.

Barbecue Pork & Beijing Duck

Some other dishes which are really delicious and which you can try are Barbecue Pork and Peking Duck. Most proper restaurant sell these dishes, however, most of the times you need to pre-order Peking Duck. An alternative is roasted goose, which also is very yummy! I can recommend Tai Woo Restaurant in Jordan. They also have one in Causeway Bay!

Creative Vibes


In Soho you can find lots of bars, pubs and restaurants whereas most of them offer western cuisine. You also find nice boutique shops and some cafés every now and then, and the houses look similar to the ones in London’s Soho, all painted in different colors. Another cool thing is the escalator that runs through Soho and gets you from Central to Hong Kong’s mid-levels. But remember that it’s only going in one direction: down in the mornings and up in the evenings!

Sheung Wan

Most people believe that Soho is the city’s creative heart, but not far from Soho a new neighborhood is developing where the true creatives are! It starts with an old police station (Aberdeen street/Hollywood Road) which has been renovated to host young artists and designers to present and sell their stuff. Next to lovely clothes, interior design and jewelry you also find sweet and delicious cup cakes or other pastries. And if you just follow Hollywood Road from there to the left, and take a few stairs up after Man Mo Temple, you will find yourself in a really creative area on Tai Ping Shan Street with lots of cute boutique shops and nice bistros and cafés!

Going Out

The most popular area to go out, meet friends, have a drink and go clubbing is Lan Kwai Fong, just a short walk from central. Especially exchange students and expats meet here and have a drink from Seven Eleven on the street, or jump into one of the many bars. Many of Hong Kong’s club are also located around this area and some of them are at top floors, offering amazing views on the city at night! But bear in mind that clubbing in Hong Kong isn’t cheap! You sometimes have to pay up to 100 HK$ just for entrance, not including any drinks!

Outside Hong Kong

Hong Kong has so much more to offer than the city itself. As Hong Kong is a country consisting of many islands and a lot of green, you will quickly find yourself surrounded by trees or sun-bathing on a lovely beach! It also offers great hiking and walking trails to do some sports and get out of the city’s busy streets.

Lantau Island & Big Buddha

Definitely worth to do, is a trip to Lantau island and a visit of the Big Buddha Statue. You can easily get to Lantau island by metro within 45 minutes from central to Tung Chung station. From the metro station you can either take a cable car to get you up to the mountain in around 30 minutes or by hiking up, which takes you about two hours. The Big Buddha Statu is really amazing and the temple next to it is also quite nice. The trip counts as a half day trip and you should best get there in the mornings or early afternoon to escape the sun at noon.

Clear Water Bay

Clear Water Bay is like a small city itself outside the busy Hong Kong area. Here you can find small living houses, lots of green, beaches and lots of sailing bots in the harbour. The place feels more like somewhere at the Mediterranean Sea rather than a 8 million city in Asia! The easiest way to get there is by metro and then bus, or by cab if you share it with others! However, it might take you up to 1.5 hours by public transport to get there, whereas a car ride takes about 30 minutes from central to Clear Water Bay.

Recommendations to eat and stay

The Mira Hong Kong Hotel

The Mira Hong Kong really is a great hotel! Though belonging to the more expensive hotels in town, it really offers great amenities. It is very well located on Nathan Road in Kowloon, which I believe is the true Hong Kong compared to Hong Kong Central. Here you can find busy streets full with Chinese signs, lots of restaurants and great shopping opportunities. The two markets are not that far away either and with a 5 minutes walk you are at the star ferry terminal to cross over to Hong Kong island. Metro station and several bus stops, also taking you to the airport easily, are just out of the hotel’s door.

The Mira also offers a great Spa area with hot jacuzzi, sauna and a fairly large swimming pool, massage treatments and a steam room as well. Perfect to relax after a day walking through busy Hong Kong. The breakfast buffet is amazing and also the hotel’s restaurants offer great food: as mentioned you can get some lovely Dim Sum here as well! But one of the best things about the hotel are probably the rooms, which are really nice and come with a mobile phone for you to use free of charge! So you get an new phone for yourself with a Hong Kong number and of course with free internet! You can also make free international calls and call your friends and family back home to tell them about your trip – isn’t that great?! I called my mom in Germany with that phone from Hong Kong and it didn’t cost me a penny! Loved it!

118 Nathan Road, Tsimshatsui
Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2368 1111
Email: info@themirahotel.com

Hazel & Hershey’s

Cute little café with free wifi and one of the best coffee in town! Make sure to order a flat white! The café is close to central and Hong Kong’s popular Soho area. You can also find some of freelancer working here all day and really friendly baristas. If you feel like buying some coffee equipment or accessories for home, this is also your place as they also have a little shop.

69 Peel Street
Central, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 3106 0760
Email: info@hershey.hk

Brunch Club

If you’re looking for a nice place to have a proper breakfast or a lovely brunch with friends, the Brunch Club is the place to go! The club has a large breakfast selection, yummy bread and smoothies and will definitely make your start in the day perfect. It is located on the same street as Hazel & Hershey’s, just opposite the café. The prices are a bit expensive though normal for Hong Kong and you’ll really get some quality food! They also have a nice garden in the back and free wifi.

70 Peel Street,
Central, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2526 8861
Email: info@brunch-club.org


A lovely small tea place in Hong Kong’s new creative neighbourhood Sheung Wan. They serve great teas and lovely self-made cakes! It really is a tiny tiny place, but when the weather is good, you can also enjoy both hot and iced tea at their nice little terrace all quiet and relaxed. A very down-to-earth and creative tea place!

18 Tai Ping Shan Street
Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2858 9185
Email: discover@teakha.com

 What are your favorite things to do in Hong Kong in 2 days?

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