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Bangkok is a great city but also a very hectic city that absorbs you and doesn’t let you go anymore.

I lived in Bangkok for almost a year and can say that it is a lot of fun and craziness at the same time. Therefore I believe that if you want to see and experience Bangkok do it at the beginning of your trip and don’t save it for the end. Here is why:

1. You had a hectic time to get here, keep going, you can relax later!

When you travel to Bangkok you’ve probably had a 10-20 hours flight depending from where you came and are tired. The only thing you want to do is fly to the islands and relax. Don’t! If you wait to see Bangkok until the end of your trip you will be incredibly relaxed and will have a hectic few days in Bangkok and leave stressed again on another 10-20 hours flight!

2. Bangkok has more to offer than you think!

I’ve met many travelers that skipped Bangkok at the beginning and left it for the end. They planned a full day or two for the city and were not able to see all the things they wanted to. I would recommend to spend at least 3-5 days in the city to discover all the little gems. If you wait until the end of your trip you won’t be able to spontaneously spend another night here. For all the things to do in Bangkok download my 50+ pages free eBook!

3. Only plan Bangkok and keep the rest open to changes

If you are coming for two weeks or a month, it doesn’t matter. Try to experience Bangkok and hang out with people in your hostel or hotel. You will meet many people that have already traveled the country and can tell you all the gems they experienced on their trip. Thailand is changing incredibly fast. Koh Phi Phi is not the paradise that it used to be, Full Moon Party is not just a party anymore it’s the breeding ground for organized crime but there are other things that are flourishing and don’t get any attention from the popular guide books like Lonely Planet etc…

[box type=”tick”] For example Ton Sai Beach from where I’m writing this article. Lonely Planet only gives you a short sentence about it and while everybody goes to Railay Beach here only a few travelers get lost that read about it on blogs or heard from other travelers of this beautiful place. [/box]

If you keep your schedule open you can truly experience Thailand and any other country. Take your time and talk to others in your first days in Bangkok!

4. Before leaving Thailand from Bangkok spoil yourself!

Get yourself a nice hotel before you leave. I always do this wherever I go. On my last night of a trip I book myself a good hotel in order to get a good night sleep. In Bangkok I have two hotels that I really liked: The Centara Watergate Pavilion close to the Airport Link and the Centra Station Hotel next to the Hualamphong Station.

Centara Watergate Pavilion is perfectly located in Bangkok and lays a few meters of walking distance from the Airport Line that takes you to the airport for only a few bath and no traffic. A good night sleep in a great hotel and a easy train ride and you are a step closer to home. Relaxed!

The Centra Station Hotel is next to the Hualamphong Station where your adventures in Thailand probably start and end. How about crossing the street and sleeping in a fluffy and comfortable bed before making your way back home? No more hustle of getting through the city!

Sebastian Canaves
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